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Manufacturing Made Possible

Our world made possible by manufacturing

Stop for a moment and take a look around you. It’s likely that almost everything you see is a product of manufacturing, or at the very least, has been influenced in some way by manufacturing.

From cruise ships to microchips, newspapers to skyscrapers, global manufacturing facilities are all equally dependent on their automation components working reliably if they are to keep production running smoothly. By giving our customers access to a world of automation parts at their fingertips, we are doing our part to keep the manufacturing world turning.

Our world made possible by manufacturing. Manufacturing made possible by EU Automation.

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Aerospace & Automotive

The aerospace and automotive sectors are two major advanced manufacturing industries. Though they are well established, both are subject to rapid change, influenced by regulations, demand and technological advances. Many aerospace and automotive…

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Plastics & Packaging

According to a report by Global Industry Analysis, annual worldwide plastics consumption could reach 297.5 million tons by 2015. The Asia and Pacific regions are emerging as prime growth drivers for the plastics industry. The development of new age plastics and new applications, as well as…

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Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry is universal. The only people outside of its influence are hunter gatherers and subsistence farmers. The industry incorporates the supply chain, including farmers, as well as processing, packaging and distribution. It a fast-changing…

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Supporting Manufacturing Globally

EU Automation specialises in supplying automation equipment to a multitude of industries and markets. We provide manufacturers, including some of the world’s largest companies, with the parts they need to ensure production lines are kept running and the impacts of unplanned downtime are kept at bay.

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Delivering Uptime

At EU Automation we specialise in the procurement of essential components required to keep the manufacturing world turning.

With offices in key locations around the globe, we will find and deliver the parts you need, regardless of age, scarcity or location. Speak to a member of our team to get your facility back up and running as swiftly and cost-effectively as possible.

Our global facilities

United Kingdom

Parker Court,
Staffordshire Technology Park,
Stafford, ST18 0WP,
United Kingdom

+44 1785 303300 [email protected]

United States

871 Busse Road,
Elk Grove Village,
Chicago, IL, 60007

+1 877-830-2021 [email protected]


Hessenring 15 K,
64546 Mörfelden Walldorf,

+49 6022 6599928 [email protected]


14 Robinson Road,
#06-01 Far East Finance Building,

+65 6813 4330 [email protected]

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