Q. Can you give me an overview of the company and how it was founded?

The idea for Lumenaza came to us after a visit to a family celebration in a small village in Franconia, Germany. Most of the people there generate green electricity, but you could not buy it anywhere and it was often dependent on non-transparent offers.  

So, in 2013 we started to develop software to create regional electricity products and established Lumenaza GmbH. The software has been on the market since 2014 and it has allowed us to work on projects with municipal utilities, project developers and energy cooperatives to balance the supply of green electricity in regional communities.

Q. What are the company’s main products or services?

We provide bespoke software that maps highly automated, scalable and modular energy-management functions and processes to directly connect production and consumption. 

The platform connects and monitors all participants in the energy sector, such as utilities companies, producers, consumers, battery-powered and electric vehicle owners in one single marketplace. We can also connect with generation plants, buy green electricity from them and sell it to end customers, as well as provide data on production and consumption in real time.

We’re continuing to develop our software to allow us to automate energy market processes even further in the future.

Q. What is the greatest challenge that the company overcame?

We operate in a highly regulated market that has operated the same way for a long time. Fortunately, the rise of distributed energy resources has dramatically changed the market. Now there are millions of distributed green assets and more data about these assets exist. Overall awareness of sustainability has also influenced customer behaviour and created a demand for our services.

Our next challenge is to create an attractive green product that gives tangible benefits to end customers, is technically feasible and earns money. For example, we launched an e-mobility tariff last year to benefit users. Our customers can now charge their vehicles with green electricity at a lower price compared to the normal household tariff. Customers on this tariff should invest in an additional meter to ensure there are no interruptions to the electricity supply caused by high demand on the grid.

Q. What is the main innovation you bring to the market?

We offer a platform that allows companies to adapt the software to best meet their needs. We empower our customers to offer innovative green electricity products much faster by reducing time to market and cost to serve. 

Our products also give everyone access to the energy market, diversifying the industry and allowing more companies to build better green energy services. For example, we’re working  with a leading home energy management supplier to improve its service offering. With our support the company can sell its hardware product, but also offer additional services, such as insurance, to benefit customers and the supplier.

Q. How does the product/service tie into the growing use of automation?

We have developed software that can process large quantities of data, which wouldn’t be possible without highly automated processes. Many manual and semi-manual processes still exist in the energy industry that we have been able to automate for the first time to improve productivity. 

We’re continuing to develop our software to allow us to automate energy market processes even further in the future.