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    The easiest way to find what you're looking for is to search for it. The 'PART SEARCH' box at the top of every page. Simply type the part number of the item you are looking for into the box and click enter.

    Best search results are often obtained if you enter just the manufacturer’s part number. Sometimes there can be more than one number on a part (Item Number or Type Number or ID Number), so it is always worth trying all the options. Getting the format of the number correct is not necessary when searching. Our search engine will reveal the same results regardless of formatting.

    The large range of products available means that sometimes it is difficult to find the item you may be looking for. This might be because we have the part listed under a different number or it could be that we have never added this part to our database.

    Whatever part you are looking for our Sales or Procurement team will be able to help and advise. We have many years experience in sourcing new, refurbished, obsolete or ‘hard to find’ automation products. So please contact us for whatever you need.

    External Files

    Some additional information is available on our website in the form of Adobe PDF files. Clicking on a link to these files will open a new browser window. We're working to make our most important documents fully accessible.

    For more information about reading these files with assistive technology, please visit www.adobe.com.


    If you find any problems in using our website or if you find any broken links please report them by email to support@euautomation.com.

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