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Robotics has been transforming the manufacturing industry for decades. They replace repetitive manual tasks with automated solutions, enhancing safety, precision, speed, and efficiency. However, there are still many manufacturers that are still working hard to realise the full potential of automation.

As a leading global supplier of industrial automation equipment, EU Automation understands the automation challenges manufacturers face while implementing robotics. Therefore, they commit to offering their wealth of expertise to ensure successful outcomes.

Why is choosing the right partner supplier important?

Have you ever been left needing a critical part but unable to source it? If so, you’ll be no stranger to how out of stock parts can make it impossible to complete projects. Along with executing scheduled maintenance and reacting to emergency repairs. This would then create significant downtime, financial loss and a reduction of confidence in the automation.

If your supplier has expertise with applications in your business, you can learn from their successes and avoid their failures.  Five key factors should underpin your decision-making process: quality and reliability, communication, value for money, geographical reach, and speed.

Quality and Reliability in Manufacturing

Do the suppliers have a proven track record, or are they relatively unknown? Is there an established relationship? For large robotics projects, selecting a vendor that provides a high-quality and reliable service is important. This will not just aid in the initial implementation but also in future maintenance.


Automation projects are naturally complicated, but having a responsive and knowledgeable supplier on board can help you avoid costly mistakes. Before placing orders, assess the supplier's communication to determine what level of support they offer specific to your application.

Value for Money

When choosing a supplier, they must represent fair value. Not just in terms of the component or assembly delivered, but also their support and after-sales. As with all procurement, be wary of suppliers over-promising or those who are inexpensive.

Geographical Reach

All automation projects have extended periods of implementation, operation and maintenance. Having a vendor within a closer geographical region increases their ability to provide support quickly. A supplier with an extensive business network can also supply components to your locations more swiftly and efficiently.


Lead times for complex robotics can be ample (a factor highlighted by various global technology shortages). You should check lead times frequently, and if a supplier cannot meet your deadlines, you must not select them. To help increase project success, line up alternative vendors for key systems. As well as, where possible, examine their stock levels for critical spare parts to guarantee your system remains functional.

Leading suppliers will also go beyond merely providing components. They will bring a wealth of industry knowledge that should aid your ongoing maintenance and future robotics projects. Ensure you partner with a vendor who can support all your automation requirements.

The perils of an incompatible supplier selection process can be costly and disruptive. The integration of robotics continues to redefine manufacturing. Therefore, EU Automation re-emphasises its commitment as a trusted supplier to some of the world's largest manufacturers.

If you’re wondering if EU Automation could be the right partner supplier for you, get in touch and find out more today.

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