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GEM 80

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581 part found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
8111-4001 GEM 80 GEM 80 8 Channel 110VAC Input Module In stock
8163-10 GEM 80 In stock
8114-4001 GEM 80 GEM 80 8 Channel 110VAC 1.5A Output Module In stock
8-530 GEM 80 Power Supply Backplane In stock
8431-4001 GEM 80 DC O/P Isolator In stock
8197-4002 GEM 80 GEM 80 32 Channel 48VDC Input Module In stock
8163-4002 GEM 80 GEM 80 32 Channel 24VDC Input Module In stock
500 GEM 80 In stock
8164-4002 GEM 80 GEM 80 32 Channel 24 VDC 0.5 A Output Module In stock
8955 GEM 80 Pulse Counter Term In stock
8164-10 GEM 80 GEM 80 24VDC 0.5 A Low Leakage Output Module In stock
8121-4001 GEM 80 GEM 80 8 Channel 9-66 VDC 1.5A Output Module In stock
8113 GEM 80 In stock
8561 GEM 80 Video Backplane In stock
8333-4001 GEM 80 GEM 80 Programmable Serial Comms Module In stock
8160-4008 GEM 80 GEM 80 2x8 Bit or 1x16 bit, Bi-phase 2 way In stock
8218-4004 GEM 80 GEM 80 STARNET Interface (Single Width) In stock
8924-0000 GEM 80 GEM 80 Termination Unit (RS422-20mA) In stock
8191-40 GEM 80 In stock
8209-4001 GEM 80 GEM 80 Read /Write RAM Module 64Kb In stock
8311-4002 GEM 80 GEM 80 Analogue Input Card 5mS (FAST I/O) In stock
8110 GEM 80 In stock
8330-4001 GEM 80 Pulse Train I/P In stock
8332-4001 GEM 80 Counter Input Module In stock
8917-4003 GEM 80 GEM 80 Power Supply 110-220VAC/DC In stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock

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‘Excellent’ company

Ken Hajduk

This web site was very easy to use

This web site was very easy to use. had the part i ordered in days from the UK.

1 day ago


Siemens parts - reconditioned

We appreciate fast and easy buying process for the parts that were necessary to keep machine up and running. Delivery was faster than expected.

6 days ago

industrial customer

absolute serious

- nice communication - fast offer - fast order - fast delivery

1 week ago

Herhof GmbH

well done

well done.................

1 week ago

Flemming Lund Sørensen

Delivery faster than confirmed

Delivery faster than confirmed. Product as confirmed.

1 week ago


Product was actually in stock...

The price for electronics is MUCH higher right now than normal but EU Automation said they could deliver and they did. I have had nothing but trouble lately with vendors saying they have a product in stock at the elevated price and after purchasing getting a note saying its 6 months backordered. EU Automation delivered on the time they promised.

1 week ago

Koji Masuda

The service is excellent!

The service is excellent!

1 week ago


Consistently great service from EU…

Consistently great service from EU Automation. Our go to supplier for discontinued items.

2 weeks ago



Fast , Accurate, affordable services.

2 weeks ago


Great customer service and support

Great customer service and support

2 weeks ago

Al El hefe

I had an issue with what I thought was…

I had an issue with what I thought was an excessive credit card charge. I called my sales rep, OSCAR, and he was able to credit the c.c. charge. I appreciate the fact he was able to do that for my company. thank you again!

3 weeks ago

Iyad Jarayseh

thank you for your services

thank you for your services

4 weeks ago

Tibor Róth

Quick and helpfull!

Quick and helpfull!

4 weeks ago

James Hardman

very good service

very good service, parts had to come from America, i was told 5 to 7 working days, delivered on time in good packaging to protect the parts. kept informed about tracking and delivery. great service. would definitely recommend.

1 month ago

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