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Прочитайте, что говорят наши клиентыПрочитайте, что говорят наши клиенты

Andrey Soroka

На данный момент работа с Вашими…

На данный момент работа с Вашими агентами меня полностью устраивает. Всё очень корректно и грамотно. Спасибо

1 год назад

Bjarne Christensen

exellent service

exellent service

9 часов назад

Glen Piesse

Good communication

Good communication, good follow up.

1 день назад

Nicholas Knickle

Great service and pleased with product.

Great service and pleased with product.

2 дня назад

Petrisor Pasca

All ok

All ok, part as required, quick delivery, assistance till part fitted. Manny thanks!

3 дня назад

Armando Stanford

All good

All good, Everything went as planed and on time!

1 неделю назад


highly recommend

The communication with the seller was excellent and delivery time was sufficient. I order several items and one of was DOA. The priority for the seller was to send me a replacement part instead of sending the defective part first back or someting else time consuming. I highly recommend.

1 неделю назад

Calin Popa


Excelent company

2 недели назад


Great Service

Great Service

2 недели назад

Joe Monroe

Oscar Wall was very helpful in…

Oscar Wall was very helpful in acquiring me three switches we needed for a tooling install on an automotive assembly line. I truly appreciate you phone calls and emails. Beatriz Jaimes also went above and beyond keeping me notified of the shipping status. I will keep EU Automation in my contacts for future use. Thank you all.

2 недели назад

Jon Grimes

Very expedient and helpful

Very expedient and helpful. Couldn’t ask for a better transaction. Will use again.

2 недели назад

Ran gan-el

great service

The customer service if helpfull and very friendly, we got exactly what we wanted.

2 недели назад

Stewart Smith

Quick order & delivery

Quick order & delivery After submitting the enquiry all moved along nice and easy. Quote... order... parts simply Thank you

2 недели назад

Wayne Brown

Keeping us running.

Quick expert advice, good resources to be able to find what we were looking for and a prompt delivery. We were looking at an urgent replacement PLC to enable us to keep a machine running whilst production concerns pressing. The response was quick and delivery timely, allowing us to continue with production until a future upgrade is implemented.

3 недели назад

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