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EU Automation stocks and supplies a comprehensive range of industrial automation and control equipment, including PLC systems, servo drives, HMIs, encoders, soft starts, among many others. Select one of the product categories below to begin your online search through our vast array of new, reconditioned and obsolete components from leading manufacturers like Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Mitsubishi and more. The fight against unplanned downtime starts here.

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We stock thousands of automation and control components from leading OEMs, all accessible to you from a single place. If it’s not in stock, our multilingual team will scour the globe to find you the part you need for the best price.

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souring your part

Sourcing your part

Global supplier of quality automation and control components

service exchange

Service Exchange

Dispose of your old unit by exchanging it for a working part.



A comprehensive repair service for faulty equipment.

2,716,404 parts to 74,073 customers in 171 countries

Machines break and downtime can cost businesses millions in lost revenue. EU Automation gives you access to the global supply of automation parts, ensuring that manufacturers worldwide can keep production lines up and running.

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