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Chúng tôi có bán nhiều loại phụ tùng Fanuc chuyên dụng bao gồm các hệ thống CLC, Bộ truyền động DC và HMI, đồng nghĩa với việc chúng tôi có vị thế lý tưởng để cung cấp cho bạn phụ tùng mà bạn cần một cách nhanh nhất.

Tất cả các phụ tùng Fanuc đều đi kèm chính sách tiêu chuẩn là bảo hành toàn diện 12 tháng trả hàng về nhà máy.

1.879.401 phụ tùng được cung ứng
56.630 khách hàng trên toàn cầu
166 quốc gia được phục vụ

Đánh giá của khách hàng

Mr. Nguyen V. Thanh


Good service.

1 năm trước

Nguyen Do Quan

Thank you very much for the goods in…

Thank you very much for the goods in May - 2021

1 năm trước


Competitive pricing and excellent support.

John Madgin from EU Automation has been a great resource for supplying information and support for various current and obsolete items to keep our machines running. With competitive pricing, quick delivery times and excellent support they are definitely a business I use.

2 ngày trước

Masaaki Otani

We would like to purchase some items again.

You did not keep our order items of full quantity. We hope you will keep items when contract is fixed.

3 ngày trước


Thomas Higgins

Thomas Higgins is always so helpful and pleasant to speak with! He has gotten me out of pinch more than once and I so appreciate his help!

4 ngày trước

Matt K.

Great customer service!

Matilda and Maria are extremely helpful each time we use EU Automation. They always respond to our requests in a very timely manner. They have saved my company many times with components that we cannot find anywhere else that would otherwise put production to a stop.

4 ngày trước

Gustavo Lima

Outstanding customer service

The response time is incredible! We always have an answer in a very short time, with a complete quotation and all the details explained. EU Automation provides an outstanding customer service.

4 ngày trước



Historically EU automation and John have one of the quickest reply time of all the suppliers we work with. one of the greatest asset for us with EU is currently the stock items , specially obsolete ones, that we cannot find any elsewhere. Most of our user , clients do not want to replace if possible so this is big advantage.

4 ngày trước

Ken Pressley

Very helpful and quick customer service

Very helpful and quick customer service

5 ngày trước

Jim Petrocci

Matilda is AWESOME!

There's no specific time but Matilda is always extremely helpful and timely when asked for RFQ's and anything else I need.

5 ngày trước

Levente Licz

Dear EU Automation

Dear EU Automation Was problem with the delivery date, around 1 week delay. Thanks

6 ngày trước



EU Automation is GREAT! I'm sure the entire company's employees are really awesome, but I've only ever dealt with John Madgin. John makes the whole experience ever better. Feedback is ALWAYS on point. He never makes me wait on replies. John will even contact ME when there is an item I get, that's hard for him to get, when it comes in. I've worked this job for almost 9 years, I have NEVER had a supplier do that for me. John has saved my company a lot of down-time threw the years! AND as a perk, he has a wonderful accent, so phone conversations are delightful, also. I have suggested EU Automation and John to several colleges over the years, and will continue to do! EU Automation is a wonderful company and John Madgin is an awesome guy to do business with!

1 tuần trước


Tom Higgins has always gone above and…

Tom Higgins has always gone above and beyond with all my quote requests. I can count on him to find those 'hard to find' items! Great customer service and always follows up!

1 tuần trước

Zach M

Tom Higgins, great resource

Tom Higgins has always been a great resource for us here and we can rely on him and EU Automation to find and get us the parts we need.

1 tuần trước

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