Parts In Stock

Part Number Manufacturer Quantity
6ES7193-6BP00-0BA0 Siemens 13477 in stock
6ES7193-6BP00-0DA0 Siemens 10099 in stock
6ES7132-6BH01-0BA0 Siemens 2961 in stock
6ES7131-6BF01-0BA0 Siemens 2730 in stock
6ES7136-6BA01-0CA0 Siemens 2603 in stock
6ES7321-1BL00-0AA0 Siemens 2527 in stock
6ES7131-6BH01-0BA0 Siemens 2423 in stock
6ES7193-6AR00-0AA0 Siemens 1816 in stock
6AV2123-2DB03-0AX0 Siemens 1467 in stock
6ES7132-6BF01-0BA0 Siemens 1383 in stock
6ES7136-6DB00-0CA0 Siemens 1321 in stock
6SN1118-0DG21-0AA1 Siemens 1301 in stock
6ES7135-6HD00-0BA1 Siemens 1296 in stock
6ES7215-1AG40-0XB0 Siemens 1244 in stock
HNF362S Siemens 1129 in stock
6AV2124-0MC01-0AX0 Siemens 1082 in stock
5SY6102-7 Siemens 1061 in stock
6AV2124-0GC01-0AX0 Siemens 1046 in stock
702 Siemens 1042 in stock
6ES7134-6JD00-0CA1 Siemens 1035 in stock
6ES7136-6BA00-0CA0 Siemens 997 in stock
6ES7972-0BA50-0XA0 Siemens 961 in stock
6ES7972-0BA12-0XA0 Siemens 946 in stock
6AV2123-2GB03-0AX0 Siemens 936 in stock
6ES7315-2AF03-0AB0 Siemens 795 in stock

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