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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
4951 6ES7 414-2XJ00-0AB0 Siemens Siemens, CPU Module for SIMATIC S7 Controller In stock
4952 6ES7 416-2XL01-0AB0 Siemens Siemens, CPU Module, 1.6 MB In stock
4953 6ES7 416-3XR05-0AB0 Siemens Siemens CPU Module, 24 Vdc with STEP 7 In stock
4954 6ES7 478-2BA00-0AC0 Siemens SIMATIC S7-400 In stock
4955 6ES7 614-1AH03-0AB3 Siemens Siemens, Central Processing Unit For SIMATIC S7, 128 kB, 24 V dc In stock
4956 6ES7 902-1AB00-0AA0 Siemens Siemens, SIMATIC S7 Series, Point to Point Connection Cable for CP 340, 5 m (Cable) In stock
4957 6ES7 922-4BC50-0AD0 Siemens SIMATIC S7 In stock
4958 6ES7 923-0BB00-0CB0 Siemens SIMATIC S7 In stock
4959 6ES7 952-1KS00-0AA0 Siemens Siemens, SIMATIC S7 Series, Memory Card For S7-400 PLC, 5 V, 16 MB In stock
4960 6ES7 960-1AA00-0XA0 Siemens SIMATIC S7 Synchronization Module In stock
4961 6ES7 962-1BA01-0AC0 Siemens Siemens, SIMATIC S7 Series, VGA Interface Module In stock
4962 6ES7 972-0EM00-0XA0 Siemens Siemens, SIMATIC S7 Series, IE Modem Adapter for SIMATIC Teleservice RS232/Integer Analogue Modem, 180 mA, 24 V dc, EtherNet/RS232, 40 x 110 x 125 mm In stock
4963 6EV3053-0CC00 Siemens SINUMERIK In stock
4964 6GK7443-1EX10-0XE0 Siemens Siemens, Communications Processor 5 V dc, 0.7 kg In stock
4965 7MH4601-1BA01 Siemens Siemens Electronic Weighing System SIMATIC S7-300, ET200M In stock
4966 6ES7212-1AE31-0XB0 Siemens Siemens, CPU Module, 24 V dc, 50 KB (RAM), 1.2 A, 12 A, 2.5 µs for SIMATIC S7-1200 Series, PROFINET In stock
4967 6SE7031-2TF60-Z Siemens Siemens, SIMOVERT Series, Inverter Drive, 55 kW, 510 to 650 V dc, 124 A In stock
4968 6SE7022-6TC20 Siemens Siemens, SIMOVERT Series, Converter Drive, 11 kW, 380 to 480 V ac, 27 A In stock
4969 6AV6646-0AA21-2AX0 Siemens Siemens, SIMATIC SeriesThin Client Panel, 640 x 480 pixels, 10 in, TFT, 65 x 325 x 263 mm In stock
4970 6AV6644-0AC01-2AX0 Siemens Siemens, 6AV6644, Touch Multi Panel Display, TFT, 19 in, 1280 x 1024 pixels In stock
4971 6ES5393-0UA13 Siemens Siemens, 6ES5393 Series, Operator Panel In stock
4972 6AV3607-1JC30-0AX2 Siemens Siemens, 6AV3607 Series, Operator panel, LED Backlit In stock
4973 6ES7623-1SB01-0AC0 Siemens Siemens, SIMATIC C7 Series, Control Panel In stock
4974 6FC5303-0AF13-0AA0 Siemens Siemens, SINUMERIK Series, Front Operator Panel, 1280 x 1024 pixels, 19 in, TFT In stock
4975 6AV6642-5BA00-0AE0 Siemens Siemens, SIMATIC Series, Touch Screen Panel In stock

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