Sell your parts

We will buy your surplus automation spares

With EU Automation it couldn't be easier to turn your unwanted automation spares into cash

Improve workspace

Industrial parts that are just lying around can become safety hazards and get in the way of day-to- day operations. Dispose of these parts today to improve health and safety.

£Earn money

Selling spare parts probably won't make you a millionaire, but it can generate an income you can reinvest to improve your manufacturing facility.

Factory makeover

Get rid of spares that are just gathering dust. Make your manufacturing site leaner by converting old storerooms into usable space to expand your operations.

Keep industry spinning

Selling your spare stock means parts are in use for longer instead of ending up in landfills. This makes your business more eco-friendly and helps the wider industry. It’s the first step towards the circular economy.

Contact us about a sale

Do you have surplus automation part you would like to sell? if so simply fill in the form below and our purchasing team will get in touch with a price


In 3 easy steps


Contact EU Automation

Simply fill in the form above, call us on +44 (0)1785 594 629 or email, tell us about the parts you'd like to sell and agree a no obligation price with our dedicated purchasing team.


Box it up

Put all the parts in boxes and arrange a time for our drivers to collect them free of charge, and we'll do all the hard work. freeing up lots of space on your manufacturing site.


Receive payment

We can arrange to pay you via bank transfer or PayPal once the parts have been collected, which ever is easiest. So you get the money as quick as possible and without any hassle