Safety Automation manufactured by Schneider

951 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 ASISAFEMON1 Schneider Schneider, AS-Interface Module, 24 V dc, 0.15 A In stock
2 XPSAC5121 Schneider Schneider, XPS AC Series, Safety Relay, 24 V ac/dc, 1 Channel, 1NC, 3 Contacts, 99 x 22.5 x 114 mm In stock
3 ASISAFEMON2 Schneider Schneider Interface Safety Module 24 V dc AS-Interface Relay In stock
4 XCSZ02 Schneider Schneider, Actuator for XCSA Series Metal Safty Switch, 0.02 kg In stock
5 XCSZ01 Schneider Schneider, Straight Actuator, for Safety Interlock Switches In stock
6 XCSB702 Schneider Metal bodied interlock switch, 2NC + 1 NO contacts, M20 x 1.5 cable entry , pushbutton release In stock
7 XPSBC1110 Schneider Schneider, XPSBC Series, Safety Relay, 24 V, Screw Mount In stock
8 XPSAC3421 Schneider Schneider, XPSAC Series, Safety Relay, 115 V ac, Emergency Stop;Switch Monitoring, 3NO, Screw Clamp, DIN Rail Mount, 22.5 x 114 x 99 mm In stock
9 XPSDMB1132 Schneider Schneider, Safety Module, 24 V dc, Mains In stock
10 XCSM3902L1 Schneider Schneider, Limit Switch, Roller Plunger, IP66/IP67/IP68, 400 V (Insulation), Screw, 30 mm, 16 mm, 70 mm In stock
11 XCSM3902L5 Schneider Metal bodied safety limit switch, 2NC + 1 NO snap action contacts, steel roller plunger, 5m cable In stock
12 XCSZP1 Schneider Schneider, Additional Coded Magnet for XCSDMP2 Magnetic Switch In stock
13 XPSAF5130 Schneider Schneider, XPSAF Series, Safety Relay Module, 24 V ac/dc, Monitoring of a Movable Guard, Screw Clamp, DIN Rail Mount, 22.5 x 114 x 99 mm In stock
14 XCSDMC79110 Schneider Compact coded magnetic safety interlock, 2NC contacts, 10m cable, with LED In stock
15 XCSPA592 Schneider Plastic bodied interlock switch, 1NO + 1NC BBM contacts, M16 x 1.5 cable entry In stock
16 XPSAC3721 Schneider Schneider Emergency Stop Safety Relay 230V ac Screw Terminal In stock
17 XPSAR351144 Schneider Schneider, XPS AR Series, Safety Relay, 115, 1 Channel,2 Channel, 2NC, 7 Contacts, 99 x 99 x 114 mm In stock
18 XPSAT5110 Schneider Pilz Safety Relay 2 Channel 24 V dc 2 NO In stock
19 XCSDMP7002 Schneider Schneider, XCSD, Safety Switch, 2NC, Key Operated Turret Head In stock
20 XCSZ05 Schneider Schneider, Sliding Door Latch, for XCSA Safety Switch, XCSB Safety Switch, XCSE Safety Switch In stock
21 XPSAC1321 Schneider Schneider, Safety Module, Mains Power Supply, 48 V ac, 50/60 Hz, IP20 In stock
22 XPSAK311144 Schneider Schneider, Safety Module 24 V ac/dc, 50/60 Hz, IP20, IP40 In stock
23 XPSMP11123 Schneider Safety controller, configurable to two simultaneous and independent functions, 6 NO ( 2 x 3NO) + 3 solid state auxiliaries, 24VDC In stock
24 XY2CE1A250 Schneider Schneider, Emergency Stop Rope Pull Switch, Latch, IP66, 300 V (Insulation) In stock
25 XUSLBQ6A1360R Schneider safety light curtains receiver type 4 - for finger protection - 1360 mm In stock

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