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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
CAD50F7 Schneider In stock
23017 Schneider In stock
XMLG010D71TQ Schneider In stock
ZB4BVB4 Schneider Schneider, Light Block, Panel Mount, 24 V dc, 18 mA, LED, 30 x 37 x 47 mm In stock
RXM4AB2B7 Schneider Schneider, Miniature Plug-In Relay, 8 A, 19.2 to 26.4 V ac, 1500 VA & 168 W In stock
ABE7-H16S21 Schneider Schneider, Modicon ABE7 Series, Passive Discrete Input/Output Module, 16 Input, 16 Output, 125 x 84 x 67 mm In stock
VW3A1102 Schneider Schneider, Altivar Series, Remote Mounting Kit for Altivar 61/Altivar 71/Altivar 32/Altivar 212 In stock
ABE7R16T111 Schneider Schneider, Advantys Telefast ABE7 Series, Electric Base Unit, Analogue, Relay, Input/Output, ≤1 A, ≤5 A, 19 to 30 V dc, DIN Rail Mount In stock
TSXFPP20 Schneider Schneider, Modicon Premium Series, PCMCIA Card, PCMCIA, 5 V dc In stock
TSX3721101 Schneider Schneider, Modular Base Controller 24 V, 19.2 to 30 V dc, 2 mA @ < 60 A, 151 mm In stock
XCSZ05 Schneider Schneider, Sliding Door Latch, for XCSA Safety Switch, XCSB Safety Switch, XCSE Safety Switch In stock
ZCKY15 Schneider In stock
ZCKY31 Schneider In stock
XCSC801 Schneider In stock
K2B002ALH Schneider In stock
XVBL1M8 Schneider In stock
LADN02 Schneider Schneider, Auxiliary Contact Block, 2 Pole, 690 V ac, Front Mount In stock
XB4BW35B5 Schneider Schneider, XB4 Series, Pushbutton, Orange, Round, Spring Return In stock
LR9F5369 Schneider Schneider, Overload Relay, 1NO;1NC, 17 to 32 V, Motor Protection, 5 A (Thermal), DIN Rail Mount, Screw Clamp, 115 x 123.5 x 96 mm In stock
GV2AF3 Schneider Schneider, GV2 Series, Combination Block For LC1D09 Series Magnetic Contactors, 32 A In stock
ZB4BG7 Schneider In stock
SSP3A225P7T Schneider In stock
LUCA12FU Schneider Schneider, TeSys Series, DOL Motor Starter, 9 kW, 280 mA @ 240 V ac, 110 to 220 V dc&110 to 240 V acPlug-In Mount, 45 x 154 mm0.135 kg In stock
XUM9BPBNL2 Schneider In stock
XS608B1PBM12 Schneider In stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock

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