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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
A9K24310 Schneider In stock
A9K24440 Schneider In stock
XB4-BD33 Schneider Schneider, Selector Switch, 2, Knob, ±45 ° In stock
SDN3000168 Schneider In stock
XSDA600519 Schneider Schneider, XSDA600519 Series, Inductive Sensor, Plastic, ≤10 Hz In stock
TSXDEY32D2K Schneider Schneider, Discrete Input Module, Modicon Premium Automation Platform Series, With 24 V dc In stock
A9XPH124 Schneider In stock
SDN6100121 Schneider In stock
LU2B12BL Schneider Schneider, Reversing Power Base, 120 mA, 60 Hz, 45 x 126 x 224 mm In stock
SDN0400170 Schneider In stock
XS1M12PA370 Schneider Schneider, OsiSense XT;OsiSense XS Series, Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensor, 12 to 24 V dc In stock
TSXFPACC4 Schneider Schneider, Modicon Premium Series, Dust and Damp Proof Connection Box, for Trunk Cable Tap Link In stock
XB4BD21 Schneider Schneider, Selector Switch, Knob, Chromium Plated Metal, 1000000 cycles, 1NO In stock
KBA40ZFUW Schneider Schneider, Fixing Bracket for KBA Busbar, 25 to 40 A In stock
LA1-LC001 Schneider In stock
A9C20732 Schneider Schneider, Modular Contactor, 2 Pole, 2NO, 25 A In stock
TSXDMZ64DTK Schneider Schneider PLC I/O Module 32 I/O Discrete Discrete In stock
ASIABLD3002 Schneider In stock
ABE7-H16R10 Schneider Schneider, Modicon ABE7 Series, Passive Discrete Input/Output Module, 16 Input, 16 Output, 125 x 67 x 70 mm In stock
GVAN11 Schneider Schneider, GVAN Series, Auxiliary Contact Block, for GV2L, GV2LE, GV2ME, GV2P, GV2RT, GV3L, GV3P, 690 V ac, 240 V dc, 6 A In stock
RHN412B Schneider In stock
ZB4BZ009 Schneider Schneider, ZB4BZ Series for XB4 Series Pushbutton In stock
LC1E0910M5 Schneider Schneider, Contactor, 3 Pole, ≤690 V ac, 3NO In stock
LC1E2510M5 Schneider Schneider, Contactor, 3 Pole, ≤690 V ac, 3NO In stock
SDN3000460 Schneider In stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock

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