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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
A9D34610 Schneider Schneider, Residual Current Breaker with Overcurrent Protection, Toggle Actuator, 1 Pole, 220 to 240 V ac, 10 A, 85 x 36 x 73 mm In stock
A9K24225 Schneider In stock
A9K24432 Schneider In stock
LUB32 Schneider Schneider, Non Reversing Power Base 230 V, 440 V, 500 V, 690 V, 0.9 kg In stock
IMT35091 Schneider In stock
A9F74206 Schneider Schneider, Miniature Circuit Breaker, Toggle, 415 V ac, 6 A, 36 x 78.5 x 85mm In stock
LC1D093BL Schneider Schneider, Contactor, 3 Pole, ≤690 V ac;≤300 V dc, 3NO In stock
VW3A3202 Schneider Schneider, Expansion Module In stock
ZBE-101 Schneider Schneider, Contact Block, 1NO, 600 V ac, 250 V dc, 600 V dc, 240 V ac, 125 V dc, 120 V ac, 1.2 A, 0.27 A, 0.1 A, 3 A, 0.55 A, 6 A In stock
CAD323BL Schneider In stock
A9K24232 Schneider In stock
ZB2-BZ101 Schneider Schneider, Control Button Body, XB4 Series, for Control Button In stock
LADN22 Schneider Schneider, LADN Series, Auxiliary Contact Block, for TeSys D LC1D contactor, 690 V ac, 10 A In stock
RUZC3M Schneider Schneider, Zelio Relay Series, Mixed Contact Socket, For Plug In Relay RUM (3 C/O), <250 V ac, 10 A In stock
EPH0500121 Schneider In stock
A9K24340 Schneider In stock
A9K24420 Schneider In stock
LX1FJ240 Schneider In stock
SDN5800170 Schneider In stock
ZBVB5 Schneider Schneider, Light Block Assembly, Orange, 24 V ac/dc, LED, Screw Clamp, 18 mA, Yes, IP20, Front Mount, 0.04 lb In stock
AS BDEP 214 Schneider In stock
SDN3000168 Schneider In stock
A9K24106 Schneider In stock
A9K24440 Schneider In stock
A9K24463 Schneider In stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock

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