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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
51 TSXPSY5500 Schneider Schneider, Power Supply Module, 100 to 240 V ac, 85 to 264 V, 500 mA In stock
52 TSX-CDP-203 Schneider Schneider, Connecting Cable for Modicon TSX Series, 2 m In stock
53 LC1D12BD Schneider Schneider, Contactor, 3NO, 25 A, 690 V ac In stock
54 TSXP57103M Schneider Schneider Single Format PL7 Processor, 5 Vdc In stock
55 TSXSCP114 Schneider Schneider, Modicon Premium Series, PCMCIA Card, PCMCIA, 5 V dc In stock
56 TSXP57202 Schneider Schneider, Processor Module In stock
57 GVAE11 Schneider Schneider, Auxiliary Contact Block, 1NO/1NC, 24 to 240 V ac/24 to 60 V dc11 x 45 x 29 mm In stock
58 170ADI-35000 Schneider Schneider, Discrete Input Module, Modicon Momentum Automation Platform Series, With - 3 to +30 V In stock
59 TSXTLYEX Schneider Schneider, Line Terminator for TSXRKY to EX In stock
60 TSXDMZ28DTK Schneider Schneider, Input Output Module, 16 Resistive Inputs In stock
61 ZB2BE102 Schneider Schneider, 600 V, Pendant Control Stations, Screw Clamp In stock
62 Y1/ARB11-P3D2521-1A Schneider In stock
63 140 DDO 353 00 Schneider Modicon, Discrete Output Module, 32 Outputs In stock
64 TSXAEY810 Schneider Schneider, Analogue Input Module, 8 Analogue Inputs In stock
65 GV1G09 Schneider Schneider, TeSys DF and LS1 Series, Terminal Block, 63 A, 690 V, 0.04 kg In stock
66 TSXRKY8EX Schneider Schneider, Extendable Rack For Multi Rack Configuration, 335.3 x 200 x 151.5 mm In stock
67 TSXCDP303 Schneider In stock
68 8177 Schneider In stock
69 VW3A3607 Schneider ATV32 LXM32 OPTION CARD PROFIBUS In stock
70 VW3A-58-101 Schneider Schneider Display Module 0 to 20 A 230 V ac (50 Hz/60 Hz) 400 V ac(50 Hz) 460 V ac (60 Hz) 5 Analogue Input with 3 Logic Input and 2 Output In stock
71 KBC16CF40 Schneider In stock
72 TSXDEZ12D2 Schneider HFM 12 Pos or Neg Logic In, 24VDC, with Terminal Block In stock
73 TSXRKY8 Schneider Schneider, Non-Extendable Rack for I/O Module, 8 Slots In stock
74 TSX-DST-8-17 Schneider OUTPUT MODULE 8POINT 24/48VDC In stock
75 STBXBA1000 Schneider I/O Base Type 1, 13.9mm In stock

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