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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
STBXBA-2400 Schneider EOS Extension Base, 18.4mm In stock
STBXCA1001 Schneider Bus Extension Cable, 0.3m In stock
STBXMP1100 Schneider Schneider, Bus Termination In stock
TSXFPCE030 Schneider Schneider, Tap Link Connecting Cable, For TSXFPACC10, 3 m In stock
45C15C Schneider AutoMate 15 In stock
812.67.00 Schneider Reliance Electric 24V DC Output Card In stock
TSXP5710 Schneider Schneider, PLC Module In stock
140AUI04000SC Schneider 16-Channel Universal Analog Input (Thermocouple, RTD, Current or Voltage) In stock
140CPS41400 Schneider PS 48VDC, Summable, 8A In stock
140CRA21210 Schneider DIO Drop Adapter and PS, 115/230VAC, 3A, Dual (Redundant) Cable In stock
140DAI74000 Schneider 16 DI, 230VAC, Isolated In stock
140 DDO 153 10 Schneider 32 DO, 5VDC TTL, 4 Groups In stock
140DDO35301 Schneider Schneider, Modicon Quantum Series, Discrete Output Module, 32 Output, 1 ms, 671 x 290 x 104 mm In stock
140DRC83000 Schneider Schneider, Relay Discrete Output Module, Relay Output, 100 mA, 265 x 144 x 290 mm In stock
140XCA71703 Schneider Schneider, Backplane Expander Cable, 1 m (Cable) In stock
140XTS00206 Schneider System Cable, I/O Connector, 1.8m (6') In stock
990XCP98000 Schneider Schneider, Lithium Backup Battery3 V, 1.2 Ah, for CPU In stock
110XCA28201 Schneider Cable, Programming RS232, 1m (needs adaptor 110XCA20300) In stock
110XCA28202 Schneider Cable, Programming RS232, 3m (needs adaptor 110XCA20300) In stock
170AAO92100 Schneider Schneider, Analogue Output Module, Analogue Output, 530 mA, 141.5 x 47.5 x 125 mm In stock
170-CPS-111-00 Schneider Power Supply, 115/230VAC, 24VDC @0.7A, connector part no. 170XTS01100 required. In stock
170DNT11000 Schneider Schneider, Altivar Series, EMC Input Filter for ATV61HD11M3X/ATV61HD15M3X, 72 A, 200 to 500 V, 230 mm x 62 mm x 498.5 mm In stock
170XTS00701 Schneider Bus Bar with Spring Terminals, 1 Rows In stock
TWDLCDA10DRF Schneider Schneider, Twido Series, PLC Controller, 24 V dc, 90 x 70 x 95 mm In stock
TWDLCDA40DRF Schneider Schneider, In stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock

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