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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
26 TSXDEY64D2K Schneider Schneider, Discrete Input Module, Modicon Premium Automation Platform Series, With 24 V dc In stock
27 VW3A3202 Schneider Schneider, Expansion Module In stock
28 TSXDSY16R5 Schneider Schneider, Discrete Output Module, 16 Output, 135 mA, 24 to 240 V ac/12 to 24 V dc In stock
29 ZB2-BZ101 Schneider Schneider, Control Button Body, XB4 Series, for Control Button In stock
30 172JNN21032 Schneider Schneider, Adaptor Module, 100 to 120 V ac, 200 to 500 V ac In stock
31 TSXFPCG010 Schneider Schneider, Connection Cable, 1 m, PCMCIA Connector In stock
32 LB1LC03M22 Schneider Schneider, Protection Module, LB1LC, 18A Series, 2.4 to 4.8 A (Magnetic Trip), 690 V In stock
33 LX1FJ240 Schneider In stock
34 ABE7-R16-S210 Schneider Schneider, Output Module, Advantys Telefast ABE7 Series, With 24 V dc In stock
35 TSXTLYEX Schneider Schneider, Line Terminator for TSXRKY to EX In stock
36 LB1LC03M53 Schneider Schneider, Thermal Magnetic Protection Module, LB1LC, 18A Series, 2.4 to 4.8 A (Magnetic Trip), 690 V In stock
37 ASBDEP214 Schneider In stock
38 TSXFPACC4 Schneider Schneider, Modicon Premium Series, Dust and Damp Proof Connection Box, for Trunk Cable Tap Link In stock
39 171CCC96020 Schneider Schneider, Processor Adapter, DC Input Module, 5 V dc In stock
40 TSX-MRP-064P Schneider Schneider, Memory Module In stock
41 RHN412B Schneider In stock
42 CA3KN40BD3 Schneider Schneider, CA3K Series, Control Relay, 4NO, DIN Rail Mount;Plate Mount, 3W, IP2X, 45 x 57 x 58 mm In stock
43 XX518A3PAM12 Schneider Schneider, Ultrasonic Sensor, 0.051 to 0.508 m, 40 mA, 12 to 24 V dc, 18 x 18 x 79 mm In stock
44 TSXRKY12EX Schneider Schneider, Extendable Rack for I/O Module, 12 Slots In stock
45 TSXPSY2600 Schneider Power Supply Module - 100..240 V AC - 300/500 mA - IP20 In stock
46 ABE7H16R10 Schneider Schneider, Modicon ABE7 Series, Passive Discrete Input/Output Module, 16 Input, 16 Output, 125 x 67 x 70 mm In stock
47 XZCC43FCP40B Schneider Schneider, OsiSense Series, Connector for OsiSense XS&XT In stock
48 ABE7R16T210 Schneider Schneider, Sub Base 19 to 30 V, 1 A, 0.735 kg In stock
49 ABE7H16R21 Schneider Schneider, Advantys Telefast ABE7 Series, Passive Discrete I/O Sub-Base, ≤1.8 A, 19 to 30 V dc In stock
50 26924 Schneider Schneider, Auxiliary Contact for C60 ID Contact, 1 Contact, DIN Rail Mount, 84 x 73 x 9 mm In stock

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