109448 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 5007 Schneider In stock
2 28000 Schneider In stock
3 TSXDEY16D2 Schneider 16 DI, 24VDC, Type 2, Terminal In stock
4 TSXBLY01 Schneider Terminal Block, for I/O Modules In stock
5 TSXFPP20 Schneider PCMCIA, Fipway In stock
6 TSXDEY64D2K Schneider 64 DI, 24VDC, Type 1, Connector In stock
7 TSXDEY32D2K Schneider 32 DI, 24VDC, Type 1, Connector In stock
9 TSXDST835 Schneider I/O OUTPUT 8 POINT 24/240VAC 24VDC RELAY In stock
10 TSXFPACC2 Schneider FIP tap-off or Daisy Chain Connector In stock
11 140XTS00200 Schneider 40 Point I/O Terminal Strip Connector In stock
12 TSXDET1613 Schneider DET 1613 I_O INPUT ISOLATED 16 POINT In stock
13 170FNT11001 Schneider Comms.Adapter, FIPIO, Premium compatible In stock
14 TSXPSY2600 Schneider Telemecanique PLC PSU Module In stock
15 ABE-7H16R11 Schneider In stock
16 Y3/ARB11-P4D2523-2A Schneider In stock
17 TSXDMZ64DTK Schneider Full Module 32 In, 24VDC & 32 Prot.Trans.Out (0.1A), with Connectors In stock
18 TSXDSY32T2K Schneider 32 DO, 24VDC 0.1A Prot, Connector In stock
19 TSXDSY08T22 Schneider 8 DO, 24VDC Trans, 2A Prot, Terminal In stock
20 TSXPSY1610 Schneider Schneider, Power Supply Module, 24 V dc, 7 A @ 5 V dc, 0.6 A @ 24 V dc 35 W In stock
21 TSXDSY16T2 Schneider 16 DO, 24VDC Trans, 0.5A Prot, Terminal In stock
22 TSXFPP10 Schneider PCMCIA, FIPIO Agent In stock
23 TSXDSY16R5 Schneider 16 DO, 50VA Relay, Terminal In stock
24 LB1LC03M53 Schneider Schneider, Thermal Magnetic Protection Module, LB1LC, 18A Series, 2.4 to 4.8 A (Magnetic Trip), 690 V In stock
25 LX1FJ240 Schneider In stock

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