59383 parts found, limited to 5000

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
176 XM2S-09 Omron In stock
177 XW2B-40G5 Omron In stock
178 3G3MV-PFI3020-E Omron In stock
179 Y7/ARB11-P4D2537-1A Omron In stock
180 G730-VOD16-B Omron Omron, Output Module, 16 Output, 24 V dc In stock
181 PTF08A Omron In stock
182 3G2A3-IA221 Omron In stock
183 WL-10-FCA12-G Omron In stock
184 C200H-CN711 Omron Omron, Omron C Series, I/O Cable In stock
185 CJ1W-ID232 Omron Omron, Input Module, CJ Series, With 24 V dc In stock
186 CQM1H-SCB41 Omron Omron, Serial Communication Board, Protocol macro, 1:1 Data Link, NT Link in 1:N mode, or NT Link in 1:1 mode In stock
187 C200H-CPU31-E Omron CPU Units In stock
188 VZA4-0P7-BAA Omron Omron, V1000 Series, Inverter Drive, 1.5 kW, 400 V, 4.1 A, 0.1 to 400 Hz, 128 x 108 x 137.5 mm In stock
189 3G3EV-AB007MA-CUES1 Omron Omron, 3G3EV Series, Inverter Drive, 0.75 kW, 200 to 240 V ac, 5.0 A In stock
190 C200H-OC224 Omron Omron, Output Module, 8 Output, 2 A, 250 V ac/24 V dc In stock
191 C200H-OC226 Omron Omron, C200H Series, Relay Output Module, 16 Output, 250 V ac, 24 V dc In stock
192 C200H-OD213 Omron Omron, C200H Series, Transistor Output Module, 8 Output, 24 V dc In stock
193 C200H-OD217 Omron Omron, C200H Series, Transistor Output Module, 12 Output, 10 mA, 75 mA, 5 V dc, 25 V dc, 145 X 130 X 35 mm In stock
194 C200H-PS221 Omron Omron, C200H Series, Power Supply Module, 100 to 120 V ac, 200 to 240 V ac In stock
195 C200HW-COM06EV1 Omron Omron, C200HW Series, Communication CPU Board for C200HX, C200HG and C200HE Series Programmable Controller In stock
196 C500-PS221 Omron Omron, Output Module, 200 to 240 V ac, 24 V dc, 0.8 A In stock
197 C500-RT201 Omron Omron, Interface Module for C Series PLC, 0.5 A, RS485 In stock
198 CJ1W-OD262 Omron Omron, Output Unit, Transistor Output, 0.3 A, 12 to 24 V dc, 31 x 83.6 x 95.4 mm In stock
199 E3ZR86 Omron Omron, E3ZR86 Series, Photoelectric Sensor, PNP, 30 mA, Red LED In stock
200 RAK2180 Omron In stock

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