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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
WL-10-FCA12-G Omron In stock
E3ZR86 Omron Omron, E3ZR86 Series, Photoelectric Sensor, PNP, 30 mA, Red LED In stock
C500-OD213 Omron Omron, Output Module, Output In stock
XW2B-40G5 Omron Omron, Flat Cable for Terminal Block, 45 mm, 45.3 mm In stock
D2SW-01L3M Omron In stock
R88ACR1A015CF Omron In stock
S82K-10024 Omron Omron, S82K Series, Switching Power Supply, 100 to 200V ac In stock
C200H-CN311 Omron I/O CONNECTING CABLE - 30CM In stock
C200H-NC112 Omron Omron, Position Control Module, C200H Series for Single or Dual-Axis Stepper or Servo Motor Driver, IP30 In stock
C500-OC223 Omron Omron, C500 Series, Output Module In stock
C500-OD411 Omron Omron, C500 Series, Transistor Output Module, 16 Output, 12 to 48 V dc In stock
G72C-ID16-1 Omron Omron, G72C Series, Input Module, 16 Input In stock
CIMR-J7AZB0P2 Omron Omron, CIMR-J7 Series, Inverter Drive, 0.25 kW, 1.6 A, 240 V ac, 0.95 lb In stock
R7D-AP02H Omron Omron Servo Drive 200 V ac 1.65 A 200 W In stock
C200H-OD213 Omron Omron, C200H Series, Transistor Output Module, 8 Output, 24 V dc In stock
C200H-OD219 Omron Omron, C200H Series, Transistor Output Module, 64 Output, 24 V dc In stock
C200HG-CPU43-E Omron Omron CPU Unit for C200H Controllers, 15.2 K (Program)/6 K (DM)/6 K (EM), 15 A @ 100 ms/30 A @ 10 ms, 0.15 µs, RS232C In stock
G32A-A420 Omron In stock
C4K-ID Omron Omron, C500 Series, Analogue Input Module, Backplane Mount, Stainless Steel (Locking Element)/Die Cast Aluminium (Housing) In stock
CJ2M-CPU12 Omron Omron, CPU Module, 5 V dc, 10K Steps, 0.5 A In stock
E5C2-R20K Omron Omron, Temperature Controller, E5C2 Series, 100 to 240 V ac In stock
H7EC-BL Omron In stock
BS-1 Omron In stock
3G3AX-CTB020-EE Omron In stock
3G2A3-IA221 Omron In stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock

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