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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
101 C500-OD212 Omron Omron, Output Module, 32 Output, 0.3 A In stock
102 C200H-BC081 Omron Omron, CPU Base Unit, 24 V dc In stock
103 CJ1W-II101 Omron Omron, I/O Interface Unit, CJ Series, With 24 V In stock
104 R88D-UP04V Omron AS SERVO DRIVERS pulse In stock
105 SGDV-1R6A11A Omron Omron Servo Drive 1 Phase 230 V ac 1.6 A In stock
106 C500-II101 Omron In stock
107 S8VM05024CD Omron Omron, S8VM Series, Switch Mode Power Supply, 100 to 240 V ac, 24 V, 2.2 A, 120.5 x 27 x 23.5 mm In stock
108 3G3JV-PFI1010E Omron In stock
109 E2A-M18LN16-M1-B1 Omron Omron, E2A Series, Proximity Sensor, Cylindrical, M18, 16 mm, PNP Output, 12 to 24 V dc, 24 mm In stock
110 GRT1-ID8-1 Omron Omron, I/O Unit, 4 A, 24 V dc In stock
111 R88D-WT04H Omron Omron, Servo Drive, 200 V ac, 3.3 A In stock
112 SNAP-ODC5SRC Omron In stock
113 E8EB-10C Omron In stock
114 SJDE-02ANA-OY Omron Omron, Servo Drive, 1 Phase, 200 W In stock
115 S82K-10024 Omron Omron, S82K Series, Switching Power Supply, 100 to 200V ac In stock
116 CQM1-CPU43-EV1-CE Omron Omron, CPU Module, 256 Output, 256 Input In stock
117 C200H-RM201 Omron Omron, Communication Module, RS-485 In stock
118 DRT1-COM Omron Omron, Communications Unit, 20.4 to 26.4 V dc In stock
119 G7TC-OC16 Omron Omron, G7TC Series, Terminal Block, 12 V, 0.567 kg In stock
120 C200H-IA122 Omron INPUT MODULE 16 DIGITAL In stock
121 CJ1W-ID232 Omron Omron, Input Module, CJ Series, With 24 V dc In stock
122 3G3FV-PFI-4012-E Omron In stock
123 0248S Omron In stock
124 C200H-CN311 Omron I/O CONNECTING CABLE - 30CM In stock
125 C500-PS222 Omron I/O Power Unit In stock

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