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Yageo's acquisition of Telemecanique Sensors generates surge in demand

Yageo Corporation, a Taiwanese electronic component and service provider, has acquired Schneider Electric's Telemecanique Sensors business. For the field of industrial automation, this represents a landmark development. This strategic move by Yageo, a global leader in passive components, signals a major expansion into the realm of industrial automation and sensor technology.

The acquisition has sparked a notable surge in the level of market interest.  EU Automation has reported a 35% increase in enquiries for Schneider components in October and November 2023. When compared to the two months prior, this is a vast difference. They have also reported a 30% increase in enquiries for Telemecanique components during the same period. The heightened demand in the wake of the acquisition is causing this surge. Specifically, it highlights the market's response to major shifts in the industry. 

EU Automation Steps Up: Minimizing Downtime in the Wake of Yageo's Acquisition

In light of these developments, EU Automation is closely monitoring the takeover's impact on the market. The company commits to minimising the potential downtime for customers in need of in-demand parts. This is a critical concern in the fast-paced world of industrial automation.

John Young, Group Sales Director at EU Automation, commented on this trend: “The acquisition has unmistakably created a heightened demand for both Schneider and Telemecanique components. EU Automation is strategically positioned to meet this demand, ensuring our customers receive in-demand components with record lead times.” This statement reflects the company's agility and readiness to address the evolving needs of the industry. 

To provide a clearer picture of the market's current interests, EU Automation has compiled a list of in-demand Telemecanique and Schneider part numbers. These are spread across categories:

Telemecanique Components 

Telemecanique components in high demand:

Schneider Components

Schneider components in high demand:

The lists reflect the current market preferences and are indicative of the sectors' evolving technological needs. EU Automation's proactive approach to sourcing and supplying these components is a testament to their commitment. They are supporting the industry through these dynamic changes and advancements. 

The industrial automation landscape is evolving because of acquisitions like Yageo's of Telemecanique Sensors. Companies such as EU Automation play a pivotal role in meeting the industry's needs swiftly and efficiently. This acquisition marks a new chapter for Yageo and Telemecanique Sensors. It also displays the ever-growing importance of sensor technology and automation in the modern industrial era.

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