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Understanding HMI lifespans: When to replace your critical components

Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) are essential components of modern manufacturing, acting as the bridge between man and machine. For manufacturing professionals, recognising when to replace an HMI is crucial to maintaining optimal production. Let's delve into the intricacies of HMI lifespans and the signs that a replacement is needed.

Signs your HMI needs replacing

HMIs, while robust, are not immune to wear and tear. Warning signs of a faltering HMI include screen failures, reduced touchscreen responsiveness, and frequent system crashes. As technology evolves, even a well-functioning HMI can become functionally obsolete, lacking support for newer protocols or software. The surrounding operational environment can expedite this process – extreme temperatures, constant vibrations or exposure to contaminants can drastically shorten HMI longevity.

Things to look out for when buying HMIs

When choosing the right HMI for a production line, you should consider the software ecosystem, the scalability of the platform, the physical environment where it will be used (dust, temperature, moisture), future support and updates and the necessary features they need (e.g., screen size, touch capabilities, connectivity options). Integration with existing systems is also crucial and can cause you avoidable headaches in the future.

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Discounted HMIs at a glance


Simatic HMI and COROS series typically last between 5-10 years. However, the COROS series, being older, may lean towards the lower end due to technological obsolescence.

Siplus HMI is robust and designed for harsh environments, extending its lifespan beyond a decade in many cases.

Simatic: Automation control products including PLCs and HMIs.

Simatic S7: PLC family for control tasks.

Simatic HMI: Visualisation for industrial processes.

Siplus HMI: Robust HMIs for extreme environments.

COROS HMI: Older HMI software product.


The Power Panel and Automation Panel generally have a lifespan ranging between 7-12 years. However, the older Panelware series might have a shorter life expectancy due to its age and technological limitations.

Power Panel: Combined HMI and PLC.

Panelware: An older HMI series.

APC620 and PC720: Previous generation industrial PCs.

Automation Panel: Modular industrial PC with various display options.

Schneider Electric

The Magelis range, including Magelis GK, GTO, GTU HMI, STO & STU, and Magelis XBT, have an average life expectancy of 5-10 years. The specific duration often hinges on usage intensity and operational conditions.

Magelis: HMI devices for visualisation.

Magelis GK and GTO: Graphical touch HMIs.

Magelis GTU HMI: Modular, customisable HMI.

Magelis STO & STU: Compact touch panels.

Magelis XBT: Older HMI series.

Magelis SCU: Compact controller and HMI combined.

The decision to replace an HMI stems from a myriad of factors, from physical wear and tear to technological obsolescence. Recognising the lifespan of popular HMIs helps manufacturers make informed choices. While the average HMI lifespan ranges between 5-10 years, specific product ranges and usage conditions can alter this. When sourcing replacements, technical compatibility, scalability, and expert guidance are crucial, making EU Automation a trusted partner in this journey.

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