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The dynamic landscape of industrial automation relies heavily on the availability of components. This is to ensure the smooth operation of production lines. Reason being, financial loss and possible setbacks result from any production stoppage. Siemens has recently updated the availability of thousands of components. This signals a phase where Siemens spare parts sourcing is likely to become more challenging.

Key Product Lines Affected: SIMATIC, SINAMICS, SINUMERIK and More

This change particularly impacts components across several key Siemens component product lines and categories. This includes Encoders, HMIs & Displays, Circuit Breakers, and Limit Switches, along with comprehensive systems like SIMATIC, SIMOCODE, SINAMICS, SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVE, SINUMERIK, SIPLUS, and SIPIX. Businesses reliant on these components for their production lines are facing the challenge of securing the necessary parts to ensure operational continuity and efficiency.

Through its global supplier network, EU Automation offers direct access to a wide range of components. This offers an alternative route to sourcing components now listed as 'Spare parts' by Siemens.

EU Automation caters to the urgent needs of businesses. They promise quick lead times and high availability. This ensures that production lines relying on Siemens spare parts can keep running smoothly without major delays.

For businesses dependent on Siemens' sophisticated product lines, the shift in parts availability poses a significant risk. This includes SIMATIC for PLCs, SINAMICS for drive technology, or SINUMERIK for CNC systems. These components are not just spare parts but are integral to the functionality and reliability of complex automation systems.

This dependence can lead to production delays, increased costs, and potential safety hazards if critical repairs or upgrades cannot be made in a timely manner.

EU Automation: Your Alternative Source for Siemens Spare Parts

The role of a reliable supplier like EU Automation becomes even more critical in the context of integral components. Customers can expect timely delivery and a comprehensive warranty on all Siemens spare parts and components. This underscores EU Automation's role as a strategic partner for businesses. EU Automation helps to overcome challenges caused by the changes in industrial automation component availability.

The recent categorisation of thousands of Siemens parts as spares has introduced new challenges for customers. However, EU Automation stands ready to bridge the gap, offering unparalleled access to these critical Siemens components. EU Automation dedicates itself to providing better availability, faster lead times, and expert customer service. They are ready to assist businesses in maintaining their production lines with minimal disruption.

Keep your operations running smoothly and speak to us about our native-speaking account management and aftersales support. Visit our website today to search our Siemens parts catalogue.

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