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Get the most out of year-end budgets with machinery spares

April 2024 is the month that many regions will be entering their new fiscal year. So, now is an opportune time for manufacturers to reassess their inventory of automation components and machinery spares.

EU Automation stands ready to support this process with its rapid global dispatching of critical control and automation spares. It is essential for firms to have this capability to efficiently refill or upgrade their machinery. There will be no substantial delays in the continuation of your operations thanks to the rapid response time. This is a vital factor when it comes to preserving both productivity and competitiveness.

For many, the end of March presents a chance to strategically restock crucial machine components, ensuring uninterrupted machine uptime. The capabilities of your industrial environment are improved as a result of these investments. Moreover, it ensures that the budgets that you have allotted are utilised to their fullest potential.

EU Automation’s availability of critical spares and the ability to dispatch them immediately are beneficial year-round. Implementing measures to guarantee the long-term reliability and effectiveness of your manufacturing equipment and output.

EU Automation's components and machinery spares

EU Automation stocks a wide range of products across core categories. This assures that you can keep production lines up and running all year round. Among the key product categories are:

HMIs and Displays

PLC Systems

CNC Systems

DC Drives

Inverter Drives

Browse stock from some of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial automation. Such as, Siemens, Fanuc, Omron, ABB, Mitsubishi, Schneider, and Indramat, ensuring quality and reliability.

Do you want to make the most of the remaining budget for the end of the year? Are you making preparations for the upcoming fiscal year? EU Automation is your go-to partner for automation and machinery spares needs.

Our commitment is to dispatch globally, providing immediate support in multiple languages and a comprehensive warranty. Our wide range of products from top manufacturers ensures that we can meet your needs. It does not matter where you are or what your fiscal schedule may be.

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