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Industrial automation and robotics have seen unprecedented growth in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region recently. EU Automation, a leading automation parts supplier, is getting ready to launch a significant expansion of its business in the area.

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) recently released some figures that describe a seismic upheaval in the landscape of the industrial sector. With the APAC region accounting for a whopping 65% of the total global units of industrial robots installed, as of 2020.

This transition in manufacturing is being led by countries such as China, who are at the forefront of the shift. The reason for this is the annual growth rate of about 21%. It includes not only China but also Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

EU Automation's regional hub in Singapore has seen an astonishing 1450% growth in turnover over the last five years. This is a direct response to this widespread industrial revolution. This validates the company's unwavering commitment to supporting the manufacturing industry as it leaps towards increasing automation.

"Our expansion is a direct response to the unprecedented industrial automation uptake in the APAC region,” shares Darren Halford. "Our move to a larger facility and the strategic bolstering of our leadership team underline our commitment to provide swift and efficient service. Which is needed in this rapidly transforming, increasingly automated world," the Managing Director of EU Automation continues to explain.

EU Automation provides services to over 60,000 customers worldwide. In addition to this, they source around two million parts each year. Their new home is in the Far East Finance Building in Singapore. This only cements their dedication to supporting the evolving needs of the APAC region.

"This expansion allows us to deploy additional resources. Thus, it enables us to serve the wider APAC region more effectively," says John Young. "The driving force behind the impressive business growth at the Singapore APAC office. It underscores our commitment to respond to industry evolution promptly and to continue delivering top-tier service to our customers."

Manufacturers are continuing to embrace the digital transformation in Asia at a rapid rate. Hence, the demand for a reliable parts supplier is critical. EU Automation's strategic regional expansion serves as a robust response to this rising need.

EU Automation underlines its commitment to helping the region's rapid path towards an increasingly automated future. They do this by aligning its growth trajectory with the progress of the manufacturing industry in APAC. This alignment demonstrates EU Automation's dedication to the cause.

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