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Inverter Drives manufactured by Mitsubishi


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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
FRA-540-0.75 K EC Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, FR-A500 Series, Inverter Drive, 0.75 kW, 400 V, 33 A, 50/60 Hz, Magnetic Flux Vector Control, IP20, 260 x 150 x 143 mm In stock
FR-DU04 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, Keypad Control Panel In stock
FR-PU03E Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, A500 and F500 Series, Parameter Unit Inverters In stock
FR-A044-1.5K-EC Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, FR-A044 Series, Inverter Drive, IP20 In stock
FR-A044-0.75K-EC Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, A800 Series, Inverter Drive, 400/415 V ac, 361 A, 498 x 380 x 1010 mm In stock
FR-A024-0.75K-P Mitsubishi DRIVE 1HP 240VAC 0.75KW MICRO In stock
FR-S540E-0.75K-EC Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, FR Series, 0.75 kW, 380 to 440 V, 2.3 A, 68 x 132.5 x 128 mm In stock
FR-E520S-0.75K-EC Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, Variable Frequency Drive, 0.75 kW In stock
FR-E720-0.2K Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, FR-E720 Series, Inverter Drive, 0.2 kW, 200 V, 68 x 80.5 x 128 mm, 0.612 kg In stock
FR-A720-00050-NA Mitsubishi A720 Three phase 200V, High Specification Inverter, 5A (0.75kW) In stock
FR-PU02ER-1 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Parameter Unit for A140 In stock
FR-U120-0.4K Mitsubishi CONTROL In stock
FR-A540-5.5K-EC Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, FR Series, 5.5 kW, 30 A, 220 x 260 x 170 mm In stock
FR-U120S-N0.4K-EC Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, Frequency Inverter, FR Series, 220 to 240 V ac In stock
FFR-S520S-14A-RF1 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, FR-S 500 Series, RFI Noise Filter for Frequency Inverter, 14 A, 250 V ac, 72 mm x 168 mm x 38 mm In stock
FR-PU04 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, Parameter Unit, FR-A500 Transistorized Inverter, FR-E500 Transistorized Inverter In stock
FFR-E520S-26A-SC1 Mitsubishi Radio Filter for E520S-1.5K 2.2K inverters In stock
FR-A240E-5.5K-EC Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, FR-A200 Series, Inverter Drive, 5.5 kW, 380 to 460 V In stock
FFR-CSH-080-16A-RF1 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, FFR Series for FR-D740-050 Inverter Drives, 168 x 45 x 114 mm In stock
FR-A044-1.5K-UL Mitsubishi DRIVE 2HP 460VAC In stock
FR-A540-1.5K-EC Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, FR-A500 Series, Transistorized Inverter, 1.5 kW, 380 to 480 V, 4 A, IP20 In stock
FR-A540-2.2K Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, A500 Series, Inverter Drive, 480 to 575 V, 60 mA In stock
FR-A7AY Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, FR Series, Inverter Expansion Module for FR-A700 Series, 0 to 10 V dc, 20 mA In stock
FR-D720-0.1K Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, FR-D700 Series, Inverter Drive, 0.1 kW, 200 to 240 V, 0.8 A, IP20 In stock
FR-E520-0.4K Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, FR Series, 2 HP, 200 to 240 V, 5.2 A In stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock

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‘Excellent’ company

Nigel Williamson

Very good and quick service AGAIN

Very good and quick service AGAIN

1 day ago

kim kaerlev

Ok service

Ok service, Quick responce. Just in time.

5 days ago

Henning Schneider

Fast and easy communication

Fast and easy communication

1 week ago

Judy Burgess

Patrick is great to work with.

Patrick is great to work with.

1 week ago


Good experience

Needed to purchase an item in an emergency and account was very helpful and understanding.

1 week ago

Cynthia Cabadas

My AC/Heat controller went out and able…

My AC/Heat controller went out and able to find it through you guys, thank you. Even though the instructions didn't quite match my unit my sweetie genius figured it out.

3 weeks ago

Glyn Murray

Refurbished servo

Purchased refurbished servo. Help and advice given plus 12 month warranty. Delivered as scheduled

3 weeks ago

Julie Palmer

I received a quick response for my…

I received a quick response for my initial enquiry and received the order on time. When I had to return part of the order that was also done efficiently

3 weeks ago

Purchasing department

Poor accessibility of contact persons!

The goods and the shipping are ok! However, communication is not always easy because the contact person is not available.

4 weeks ago

Julie Cunningham

Grateful for Fantastic Service.

Our sales rep Chris Williams is a delight to speak with as well as being quick with his responses, quotes, and ensures we have everything we need to the best of his ability. His customer service is outstanding.

1 month ago


fast, without Problems

fast, without Problems Thanks

1 month ago


Great service …

Ben is always a huge help and then get updates on status of shipment status, every step of the way Wish i could push more business your way.

1 month ago


The order process was easy and my order…

The order process was easy and my order was entered and processed timely...

1 month ago

Jose Mata - Site Manager

great service

great service

1 month ago

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