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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
126 QM300HA-2H Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Transistor Module QM300HA Series Collector to Emitter Voltage 1000 V 1980 W Collector Dissipation 0.45 kg In stock
127 HC-MFS43 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Servo Motor 0.4 kW 200 V & 400 V 9 A 4500 rpm 1.3 Nm In stock
128 MR-C40A-UE Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Servo Amplifier 1 Phase 200 V ac In stock
129 MR-J3-70B Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, Servo Amplifier, 3 Phase, 200 to 230 V ac, 3.8 A, 60 x 185 x 168 mm In stock
130 MR-J2-60A Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, Servo Amplifier Module, 600 W, 200 to 230 V ac, 3.6 A, 3 Phase In stock
131 AJ71C24 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, Communication Module In stock
132 FX-232AW Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, FX Series, Communication Block for FX Series PLC and PC for FX Series PLC and PC, 25 mm, 80 mm, 60 mm, 120 mA In stock
133 A1S-Y41 Mitsubishi Transistor Output Module In stock
134 FX2N-48MR-ES/UL Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Controller, FX2N Series, 8K Step (EEPROM) with RS-232C, RS485 In stock
135 AY11A Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, Output Relay Module In stock
136 A1S-D75P3S3 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Positioning Module Use Servo Amplifiers Servo Motor In stock
137 A2N-CPU Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, CPU Module In stock
138 Q06HCPU Mitsubishi Mitsubishi CPU Module, 24 Vdc with Relay Symbol Language, Logic Symbol Language, MELSAP3, Functional Block, Structured Text In stock
139 F2-40MR-ES Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, Controller Unit In stock
140 HCSFS52K Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, Servo Motor, 500 W In stock
141 MR-J2S-20A1 Mitsubishi In stock
142 HC-KFS73K Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, Servo Motor, 0.75 kW, 103 V ac, 3000 rpm In stock
143 FR-PU03E Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, A500 and F500 Series, Parameter Unit Inverters In stock
144 HC-KFS23 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Servo Motor 0.2 kW 200 V & 400 V 3.4 A 4500 rpm 0.64 Nm In stock
145 MR-J2-200A Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Servo Amplifier 3 Phase 200 V ac 200 A In stock
146 MR-J2S-500B Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Servo Amplifier 3 Phase 200 V ac 500 A In stock
147 MDX61B0011-5A3-4-00 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, Inverter Drive, 1.1 kW, 2.8 A, 380 to 500 V ac, 4.536 kg In stock
148 AJ65BTB2-16R Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, Relay Output Module, 0.5 mA, 24 V dc In stock
149 A1S-64AD Mitsubishi L Series replacement example with the AnS/L upgrading tool set and L Series space modules In stock
150 A1S-JHCPU Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, CPU Module, 5 V dc, 8K Steps, 0.3 A In stock

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