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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
CXS0040V34A2I1 Honeywell Honeywell 4kw inverter In stock
KBCC-225R (9924F) Honeywell KB 16amp DC Drive. Enquire
NXS0031V35A5H1SA1A3 Honeywell Honeywell MC00410 Inverter Enquire
NXS00385A2HISSS1A1A3000000 Honeywell Honeywell Inverter Enquire
PA001652H1SSS Honeywell Honeywell, Inverter Drive, 16 A Enquire
TVMU-60-40-000-T00-000-0U00ES-00 Honeywell LCD CHART RECORDER Enquire
163-0417 Honeywell KB Electronics DC Drive Enquire
KB1C-125 Honeywell KB DC Drive Enquire
KB1C-240 Honeywell KB Electronics DC Drive Enquire
KBCC-225 Honeywell Honeywell, DC Drive, 16 A, Chassis Mount, 6.25 x 4.5 x 9 in, 230 V ac, 3 hp, IP00 Enquire
M9484D1010 Honeywell Honeywell, Modutrol IV Motor, 300, 24 V, 15 W Enquire
KBIC-225 Honeywell Honeywell, KBIC Series, DC Drive, 8.0 A (without Heatsink);16.0 A (with Heatsink), 230 V ac, 1.5 hp (without Heatsink);3 hp (with Heatsink) Enquire
KBMM-225D/AB4(230) Honeywell KB Electonics DC Drive Enquire
KBPC-240D Honeywell Honeywell, Motor Speed Control, 1 Phase, 230 V ac, 15 A, 5.9 x 9.5 x 5 in Enquire
KBRG-255 Honeywell Honeywell, KBRG Series, DC Drive, 26.0 A, 230 V ac, 5 hp Enquire
KBTC-225(4361) Honeywell DC Motor Torque Control Enquire
KBUF.14 (4275) Honeywell KB Electronic Drive Enquire
KBVF-23D (9959C) Honeywell AC motor speed control Enquire
KBVF-24 Honeywell Honeywell, AC Servo Motor, 230 V ac, 4 A, 0.953 kg, 4.55 x 4.4 x 4.65 in Enquire
MULTI-DRIVE Honeywell KB Electronics Multi-Drive DC Drive Enquire
CXPN-G Honeywell LCD panel Enquire
51197149-100 Honeywell 21"" Colour Monitor Enquire
B362-2982-8-480. Honeywell Dc Motor 180vdc 0.5hp. With Tacho. Enquire
BC7000L Honeywell Honeywell Programmer Enquire
CIMR-G3E4022 Honeywell Honeywell 22Kw Inverter Enquire
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock

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