Series 5 range of GE Fanuc PLC Systems

39 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 IC655MDL512 GE Fanuc 12-24Vac/dc Input, Positive Logic (32 points) In stock
2 IC655MDL575 GE Fanuc 115/230Vac Output (16 points) In stock
3 IC655MDL555 GE Fanuc 12-24Vdc Output, Positive Logic (16 points) In stock
4 IC655BEM510 GE Fanuc Genius Bus Controller with Diagnostics - Ph B In stock
5 IC655CHS508 GE Fanuc Base Unit, 8 Slots In stock
6 IC655MDL577 GE Fanuc 115/230Vac Output (32 points) Enquire
7 IC655MDL527 GE Fanuc 115Vac Isolated input (16 points) Enquire
8 IC655MDL533 GE Fanuc 5/12 VDC (TTL) Input (64 points) Enquire
9 IC655MDL551 GE Fanuc 12-24Vdc Output, Negative Logic (16 points) Enquire
10 IC655MDL552 GE Fanuc GE Fanuc, GE 90-30 Series, Output Module, 32 Output, 12 to 24 V dc Available
11 IC655MDL556 GE Fanuc GE Fanuc, Output Positive Logic Module Available
12 IC655MDL576 GE Fanuc 115/230Vac Isolated Output (16 points) Enquire
13 IC655MDL524 GE Fanuc Input Simulator Module, 16 or 32 Points Switch Selectable Enquire
14 IC655MDL580 GE Fanuc Relay Output, N.O. (16 points) Enquire
15 IC655MDL581 GE Fanuc Relay Output, N.O. (32 points) Enquire
16 IC655MDL586 GE Fanuc Isolated Relay Output, 12 N.O./4 Form C (16 points) Enquire
17 IC655MDL593 GE Fanuc 5/12 (TTL) Output (64 points) Enquire
18 IC655PER500 GE Fanuc Operator Interface Unit (OIU) Available
19 IC655PWR500 GE Fanuc Power Supply, 6 Amp, 115/230Vac Available
20 IC655PWR501 GE Fanuc Power Supply, 12 Amp, 115/230Vac Enquire
21 IC655PWR514 GE Fanuc GE Fanuc, Power Supply Module, 6 A Available
22 IC655CCM590 GE Fanuc RS-232/RS-422 Convertor Unit Enquire
23 IC655ALG566 GE Fanuc Analog Output (2 Channels) Available
24 IC655ALG567 GE Fanuc Analog Output (-10V + 10V, 2 Channels) Enquire
25 IC655APU500 GE Fanuc ASCII/Basic Module, 32K Available

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