PLC Systems manufactured by Allen Bradley

3271 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
26 1771-OA Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, 1771 Series, Digital Output Module, 1.5 A, 92 to 138 V ac In stock
27 1771-P4S Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, CompactLogix™ Series, Power Supply Module, 97 to 132V ac In stock
28 1771-ID16 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, SICOMP Series, Digital Input Module, 4 mA, 120 V ac, 89 x 165 x 51 mm In stock
29 1771-OBN Allen Bradley Allen Bradley DC Output Model, 32 Outputs In stock
30 1756TBNH Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Removable Terminal Block 120 V ac & 240 V ac Use ControlLogix I/O Module In stock
31 1756-CNBR Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Redundant Communication Module for 1756 Contrologix Controllers, 1.7 mA @ 24 V dc, Chassis Mount In stock
32 1746IC16 Allen Bradley Dc Input Module For Programmable Controller (16) Input - Sink 48V In stock
33 1794-TBNF Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Terminal Base for FLEX I/O Module In stock
34 1746-N2 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, 1746 Series, Slot Filler, for SLC 500 Series In stock
35 1791ESIB8XOBV4 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, 1791 Series, Input Module, 8, DIN Rail Mount, 80 x 196 x 77 mm In stock
36 1794-OW8 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Relay Output Module, 8 Outputs In stock
37 1756-CNB Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Logix Control Net Bridge Module, RJ45 In stock
38 1756IV32 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, I/O Module, 3.5 mA, 10 to 30 V dc In stock
39 1771-AL Allen Bradley Allen Bradley I/O Adaptor Module In stock
40 1746-IA16 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley AC Input Module, 16 inputs In stock
41 1734-IB8S Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Input Safety Module, 8 inputs In stock
42 1756N2 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, 1756 Series, Slot Cover, for 1756 ControlLogix® Chassis In stock
43 1492-SP1C040 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, Miniature Circuit Breaker, Toggle, 415 V ac, 10 kA, 4 A, Thermal-Magnetic, Screw, DIN Rail Mount, 60 x 17.5 x 80 mm In stock
44 1756-ENBT Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Communication Module 2 I/O In stock
45 1771-WC Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, 1771 Series, I/O Module Wiring Arm, Input/Output In stock
46 1756-IB32 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Controllogix DC Input Module, 32 inputs In stock
47 1771-DB Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, Memory Module, 1771 Series In stock
48 1756-PA75 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Power Supply, 1756, used for 1756 Chassis85 to 265 V ac In stock
49 1771-OM Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, Digital Output Module, Digital Output, 184 to 250 V ac In stock
50 1746-A10 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, SLC 500 Series, Chassis, for SLC 5/05 Processor, 10 Slot In stock

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