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Naša rozsiahla základňa zásob obsahuje tisíce kvalitných náhradných dielov Yaskawa pre automatizáciu, pričom mnohé z nich je možné doručiť nasledujúci alebo v ten istý deň.

Všetky diely Yaskawa sa štandardne dodávajú s plnou 12-mesačnou zárukou, aby ste sa nemuseli znepokojovať.

parts supplied
1 969 700 dodaných dielov
customers worldwide
58 312 zákazníkov na celom svete
countries served
166 krajín, kde pôsobíme

Recenzie zákazníkov

Milan Gaspar

Maximale Zufriedenheit mit Frau Sonia…

Maximale Zufriedenheit mit Frau Sonia Litnerová und Silvia Ilavská. Milan Gaspar SP. Údržba -Technológia / SP. Instandhaltung - Technologie Schaeffler Kysuce,spol.s.r.o.

pred 2 rokmi

Eduard Černušák

Ďakujem Vám za dodanie driveru.

Ďakujem Vám za dodanie driveru. Všetko je v poriadku až na dopravu, ktorá meškala, poplietli balíky.

pred 2 rokmi


I've been working with Benjamin Franks…

I've been working with Benjamin Franks a couple of years It seems to be for the obsolete parts on the market, Ben has been a reliable source to supply those critical parts. Whether new, reconditioned or he will provide options. His professionalism and excellent customer support skill are greatly appreciated. Looking forward to working again with Ben and EU Automation.

pred 2 dňami


Thank you Tyler!

I have been working with Tyler Jordan for a while now. He is always right there when I need the best price or a fast quote. He really makes my job easier and I can't thank him enough!

pred 2 dňami

Rodney Oxford

Fast and Easy!

Excellent and fast communication at time of enquiry. Quick and reliable shipment to NZ vis DHL.

pred 2 dňami

Riyadh Al-Busaidi

Satisfying and easy

What a great experience. easy and straight forward. huge thanks dedicated to Patryk Jasicki for his lovely service. fast response and care about the client, he managed to deliver the parts faster than expected. always going my first destination looking for parts. Thanks Patryk

pred 3 dňami

russell weeks

Excellent service and communication

Excellent service and communication

pred týždňom

Barbara Mates

Extraordinary sourcing and service

My account rep., Kimberly Porcha, goes above and beyond sourcing obsolete and hard-to-find Siemens parts for our customers in South America. Kimberly informs us every step of the way, quotes very competitive pricing and her tenacious sourcing and follow-up help us secure orders and satisfy our customers' hard-to-fulfill requirements. Kimberly is always cheerful and positive and actually picks up the telephone and calls so as her customer you develop a relationship beyond just emails. I feel connected!

pred týždňom

Matt Kane

Excellent Service

I have been using EU Automation now for two years to source servo-drives and controllers, and I have always dealt with Megan Hough. Megan is very nice and she always provides top-notch, courteous customer service and very prompt quotations. EU provides good, competitive pricing and very reasonable delivery times. I plan to keep using EU Automation, and I would highly recommend them.

pred týždňom


Done well and effective

Job done in time in a very efficient manner. Effective and customer-friendly communication. If you are looking for a reliable supplier - EU Automation should be number 1 in the list.

pred týždňom


we have a great relationship with our…

we have a great relationship with our customer service rep Benjamin Franks. We love working with him and are very impressed with him.

pred týždňom

Angela Hastings

Our Account Manager Megan Hough…

Our Account Manager Megan Hough provides excellent customer service! She is always quick to answer with a quote and or solution to any question. She keeps me updated when shipments get delayed. When the parts arrive, they are exactly what I order. I feel very confident purchasing parts from EU Automation and the pricing is always great.

pred 2 týždňami

Rodney Thompson

Megan Hough is a delight to work with

Megan Hough is a delight to work with. She is very responsive and goes out for her way to help find solutions to our needs.

pred 2 týždňami

Sheryll Edick

Megan Hough & EU Automaton.

Megan Hough & EU Automaton.. I have had great service. When I request a RFQ from Megan she send the quote back promptly. She does a great job communicating price, lead time, acknowledgment of receipt of PO's. It also helps me greatly when Megan notifies me of any delays or issues. I will continue sending RFQ and ordering parts from Megan/EU.

pred 2 týždňami

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