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HMIs and Displays manufactured by Siemens


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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
6ES7322-1BL00-0AA0 Siemens Siemens Digital Output Module 32 I/O 32 O/P Digital In stock
6AV3607-1JC20-0AX1 Siemens Siemens Operator Panel, 6AV3607, 144 mm Length, 38.5 In stock
6AV6643-0CD01-1AX1 Siemens Siemens Touch Multi Panel, 6AV6643, 335 mm Length, 61 In stock
6AV6574-2AF00-8AX0 Siemens SIMATIC HMI In stock
6AV6642-0BA01-1AX1 Siemens Siemens Operator Panel, 6AV6642, 212 mm Length, 44 In stock
6AV6671-1CB00-0AX2 Siemens Siemens, SIMATIC MM Series, Memory Card, MM, 128 MB In stock
6AV3617-1JC20-0AX1 Siemens Siemens Operator Panel, 6AV3617, 240 mm Length, 50 In stock
6AV6644-0AA01-2AX0 Siemens Siemens Touch Multi Panel, 6AV6644, 335 mm Length, 72 In stock
6AV6545-0BC15-2AX0 Siemens Siemens Touch Screen Display STN 5.7 in 16 Colour In stock
6AV6545-0BA15-2AX0 Siemens Siemens Touch Screen Display STN 5.7 in 4 Blue In stock
6AV3627-1LK00-1AX0 Siemens Siemens Operator Panel, 6AV3627, 296 mm Length, 59 In stock
6FC5203-0AF02-0AA0 Siemens Siemens, 6FC5203, Touch Screen Operator Panel, TFT, 12.1 in, 800 x 600 pixels In stock
6AV3688-4CX07-0AA0 Siemens Siemens, Pushbutton Panel for Emergency Stop Push Button, (16) Short Stroke Key/(16) Surface LED In stock
6ES5470-8MA12 Siemens Siemens Analogue Output Module 2 O/P Analogue In stock
6AV3617-1JC30-0AX1 Siemens Siemens, Keypad Operator Panel, SIMATIC S5, 505, S7, M7, 24 V dc, LCD In stock
6AV6641-0CA01-0AX1 Siemens Siemens Operator Panel, 6AV6641, 150 mm Length, 38.5 In stock
6AV6643-0AA01-1AX0 Siemens Siemens HMI Touch Panel, 6AV6643, 212 mm Length, 45 In stock
6AV6642-0AA11-0AX0 Siemens Siemens Touch Screen Display STN 5.7 in Blue In stock
6AV6647-0AD11-3AX0 Siemens Siemens Basic Panel TFT 6 in 256 Colour In stock
6AV6542-0BB15-2AX0 Siemens Siemens Touch Screen Display STN 5.7 in 4 Blue In stock
6AV6642-0BC01-1AX1 Siemens Siemens Operator Panel, 6AV6642, 212 mm Length, 44 In stock
6AV2123-2JB03-0AX0 Siemens Siemens, 6AV2123, TFT, 9 in, 800 x 480 pixels In stock
6AV3505-1FB01 Siemens Siemens, Keypad Operator Panel, OP7! In stock
6AV6545-0CC10-0AX0 Siemens Siemens Touch Screen Display STN 10.4 in 256 Colour In stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock

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‘Excellent’ company

Yoshiki Tobinaga

Good response

Response from EU Automation regarding our inquiry was very quick. Also flexiblity about the payment terms were highly appreciated.

1 day ago


Fast and reliable delivery

Fast and reliable delivery. Item as described.

1 day ago

M. Sago

Good but we need shorter delivery time

We could receive the parts within 9 days from USA after ordering. I ordered electrical parts and this is the first time to EU automation. At the tiime ot order, our machine was defected and our production line was halted. We needed the spare parts as soon as possbile. So I feel there maybe better to select some option to shorten delivery time. For example, after clearing custom, we could pick the parcel up at the airport, if possible. Or if we register our company information, the shipping could be possible to proceed in advance before confirming money transfer. and so on. That's it.

2 days ago

Patrick Barrett

Top quality service

Top quality service, friendly staff, quick delivery, you cant ask for much more

4 days ago

Lori Henton

Great experience

Extremely impressed with the customer service that this company supplied. Shipment was handled fast and efficiently. Would definitely purchase from again.

1 week ago


Excellent Service

Excellent Service. Needed the parts urgently and could not get a delivery guarantee from any other provider that i contacted. EU Automation were quick to respond, invoice and ship. The parts arrived as described and on time.

1 week ago

Igor Belujský

DT is very good.

DT is very good.

1 week ago

Werner Kotzian

Everything fine except missing purchase…

Everything fine except missing purchase order number on delivery paper.

1 week ago

Alfonso HK

EU Automation was very professional

The refurbished contactor worked like brand new. I would not hesistate to order again. EU Automation was very professional with their communication and service.

1 week ago


So good so far .

So good so far .

1 week ago

Steve Hoffman

Great customer service

Great customer service! Great price and fast shipping. I definitely will do business with EU Automation again!

1 week ago

Schurig Jochen

Good cooperation, fast delivery

Good and friendly advice and support as well as fast and timely delivery

2 weeks ago

Hyeokchan Ahn

Thank you.

Thank you for the good product. I hope your business will prosper.

2 weeks ago

Nordmin Engineering

Smooth ordering

The ease of ordering this was exceptional, and I was provided with the correct and useful product in a timely manner.

2 weeks ago

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