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PLC Systems manufactured by Schneider


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864 part found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
170INT11000 Schneider Schneider, Communication Adaptor, DC Input Module, In stock
140DDI35300 Schneider Modicon, Discrete Input Module, 32 inputs In stock
140-XTS-002-00 Schneider Schneider, Terminal Block for 140ACI Modicon PLC In stock
170MCI00700 Schneider Interbus S Cable, 11cm In stock
TSXDEY16D2 Schneider Schneider, Discrete Input Module, Discrete, 7 mA, 24 V dc In stock
140-DDO-353-00 Schneider Modicon, Discrete Output Module, 32 Outputs In stock
140-AVI-030-00 Schneider Modicon, Analogue Input Module, 8 inputs In stock
140-DAO-842-10 Schneider Schneider, Input Output Module, 16 A In stock
171CCC96020 Schneider Schneider, Processor Adapter, DC Input Module, 5 V dc In stock
170FNT11001 Schneider Schneider, Communication Adaptor, DC Input Module, In stock
140DDO84300 Schneider Schneider, Discrete Output Module, 102 x 290 x 104 mm In stock
TSXDEY32D2K Schneider Schneider, Discrete Input Module, Modicon Premium Automation Platform Series, With 24 V dc In stock
ABE7-R16-S210 Schneider Schneider, Output Module, Advantys Telefast ABE7 Series, With 24 V dc In stock
ABE7-H16R21 Schneider Schneider, Advantys Telefast ABE7 Series, Passive Discrete I/O Sub-Base, ≤1.8 A, 19 to 30 V dc In stock
SR2B121BD Schneider Schneider, Zelio Logic Series, Logic Module, 8 A, 24 V dc, 71.2 x 59.5 x 90 mm In stock
140 ACI 030 00 Schneider Schneider, Analog Input Module, 8 Input, 25 mA, 50 V dc In stock
172JNN21032 Schneider Schneider, Adaptor Module, 100 to 120 V ac, 200 to 500 V ac In stock
140-ACO-020-00 Schneider Schneider Analogue Output Module, 4 to 20 mA, 12 to 30 V dc, 3 ms, 0.1 ms, Rack Mount, 102 x 671 x 290 mm In stock
TSXBLY01 Schneider Schneider, Terminal Block In stock
170-XTS-001-00 Schneider Schneider, Terminal Block, 3 in (W) x 0.5 in (D) In stock
140CPS22400 Schneider Schneider, Modicon Quantum Series, Power Supply Module, 3800 mA, 24 V dc/20 to 30 V, 290 x 104 x 102 mm In stock
140CRA93200 Schneider Schneider, Adaptor Module, DC Input Module, In stock
TWDFCW30K Schneider Schneider, Connecting Cable for TWDDDI16DK Extension Module, 3 mm, 20-Pin Connector In stock
140-XBP-010-00 Schneider Modicon, Modicon Quantum Series, Rack Backplane, for Remote I/O Modules;Distributed I/O Modules;Local I/O Modules In stock
140CPS21400 Schneider Schneider, Power Supply Module for Transformer, 24 V dc, 5.1 V dc, 0.3 to 3 A, 102 x 144 x 290 mm In stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock

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‘Excellent’ company

Luis Parra

Outstanding Customer Service

It's always a pleasure to work with EUA, they respond quick to our requests, Customer Service always follows up from the beginning to the end to make sure our orders are processed quickly and delivered without any issue.

17 hours ago

Athanasios Stekas

Very fast service

Very fast service, very good delivery time for materials

21 hours ago

Walter Thacker

Excellent service from Alex Bailey

Excellent service from Alex Bailey

2 days ago

Anthony A.

They deserve this rating.

Mr. Thomas Higgins and EU Automation has performed above and beyond my expectaions. They respond to phone calls and emails in an extremly timely manner and there follow through with complicated items to purchase is second to none. They have even gone out of their wheel house so to speak to help our plant continue to operate. Their hard work and dedication to their customers has made them one of my only needed contacts in my phone. Thank you very much for all you do EU.

3 days ago

Gwang Myeong Jo

Good service !

Good service ! I think EUA is providing a good service very quickly. Thank you for helping our business and fruitful greatly.

5 days ago

Roger Palaca Jr.


Response of my inquiries are quick and easy to contact to your representative.

1 week ago

Georges Saati


Very satisfied with your service.

1 week ago




1 week ago

Franco Dodesini

Very efficient and ready to solve…

Very efficient and ready to solve problems.

1 week ago

James Korp


Excellent, professional service. Ultimate customer extremely please with quick turn around.

2 weeks ago

Seungwon Lee

How are you?

How are you? Thanks to your active help, I received the sensor you sent me. It was very helpful for my business because I could get a sensor within a short period of time. Thanks once again.

2 weeks ago

Colin Evans

They were very helpful in giving me a…

They were very helpful in giving me a quote and providing an ETA for the parts ordered. Very quick response times and courteous staff. Well done.

3 weeks ago

Cheolgyu Park


Delivery arrived on time, but Since the product was manufactured in 2011, can it be applied to the system? It seems that it is possible to judge whether it is usable only by performing a reliability test.

3 weeks ago

Rebecca Pacheco

you guys were very helpful getting a…

you guys were very helpful getting a quote right away

3 weeks ago

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