Leroy Somer

580 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 8.2E+13 Leroy Somer Emerson, Application Processor for Unidrive SP/Affinity and Mentor MP In stock
2 UMV4301 1.5T Leroy Somer Leroy Somer, Inverter, 3.1 A (Mains), 380 to 480 V, 95 x 200 x 335 mm In stock
3 COD2 UMV Leroy Somer In stock
4 UD76 Leroy Somer In stock
5 SE23400220 SE 3.5T Leroy Somer In stock
6 UD51 ISS4 Leroy Somer Leroy Somer Encoder Option Module In stock
7 MDA2B Leroy Somer In stock
8 UNI1404 Leroy Somer Leroy Somer, Speed Controller, 380 to 480 V, 3 Phase In stock
9 VMV3305 2.5T Leroy Somer In stock
10 SE43401500 SE22T Leroy Somer Leroy Somer, AC Drive, 15 kW In stock
11 DMV 201.6A Leroy Somer In stock
12 MC27T Leroy Somer In stock
13 UD77TBISS.01.00 Leroy Somer In stock
14 SM-I/O PLUS Leroy Somer Leroy Somer, I/O Solutions Module for Digital and Analogue I/O Module In stock
15 MD29ISS3 Leroy Somer In stock
16 SK2402 SK11T Leroy Somer In stock
17 UMV4301 11T Leroy Somer Leroy Somer, UMV4301 Series, AC Inverter Drive, 400 V, 16 A, 335 x 375 x 260 mm In stock
18 UMV4301 2.5T Leroy Somer Leroy Somer, AC Drive, 3 Phase, 1.5 kW (Output), 4.9 A, 95 mm x 200 mm x 366 mm In stock
19 UD77CO Leroy Somer In stock
20 SP4403 Leroy Somer Leroy Somer, Variable Speed Drive, 400 V, 52 kW In stock
21 FMV2105 1.5M Leroy Somer In stock
22 DMV2322-350A Leroy Somer In stock
23 LS132MT Leroy Somer In stock
24 DMV2016 Leroy Somer Leroy-Somer 220/380V 16A DC Drive In stock
25 UMV 4301 5.5T Leroy Somer Leroy Somer, Speed Controller, 24 V dc, 3 Phase In stock

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