PLC Systems manufactured by Hitachi

26 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 EH-XD16 Hitachi Hitachi, Input Module, 16 Input, 24 V dc In stock
2 XDC24BH Hitachi Hitachi, PTS Input Module, Rack Mount In stock
3 AGH-I Hitachi Hitachi, Analogue Input Module, Rack Mount, 4 to 20 mA Input In stock
4 POJ-R Hitachi Hitachi Programmable Control System In stock
5 BSM-5A Hitachi Hitachi, PLC Rack for 5 Slot Inclusive CPU In stock
6 CPM-E Hitachi Hitachi, CPU Module In stock
7 POM-RBW Hitachi Hitachi, Output Module, 16 Outputs In stock
8 BSM-6A Hitachi Six Slot Rack In stock
9 EH-CPU 316A Hitachi Hitachi, CPU Module, 24 V dc, Capacity 15.7K Steps In stock
10 EH-YR16 Hitachi Hitachi, EH Series, Relay Output Module, 16 Output, 8 A, 24 V dc, 100/240 V ac In stock
11 PGMJ Hitachi Hitachi, Programmer In stock
12 EC-20HRP Hitachi Hitachi, Programmable Controller, 24 V dc Enquire
13 EH-CPU104 Hitachi Processor Card. Enquire
14 E-28HR Hitachi Hitachi, Programmable Controller, 220 V ac Enquire
15 33016136-3 Hitachi dc input card. Enquire
16 HIZAC Hitachi Hitachi, Extension Module Enquire
17 PGMJ-R Hitachi Hitachi, PLC Hand Programmer, ABB/BBD Procontic K200 PLC Enquire
18 PIM-DPH 33016136-5 Hitachi Hitachi DC Input Card Enquire
19 E-28FR Hitachi Hitachi, Programmable Controller Enquire
20 POM-RH 33016133-6 Hitachi Hitachi, Output Module, Rack Mount Enquire
21 POM-SH Hitachi Hitachi 16 Channel Relay Output Module w Screw Terminals Available
22 POM-TH 33016135-6 Hitachi Hitachi 16 Channel Output PLC Module Enquire
23 E-20HR Hitachi Hitachi Programmable Controller Enquire
24 CPU22-02H Hitachi H Series H-252 CPU Enquire
25 CPU2-07H30EDCBABA Hitachi Hitachi PLC CPU Module Enquire

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