General Automation manufactured by Eurotherm

35 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 6055-L-00 Eurotherm Eurotherm Servo Drive In stock
2 605/007/400/3/F/0010/UK/000 Eurotherm Eurotherm, Drive, 3 Phase, 0.75 kW In stock
3 590P/0035/500/0011/UK/AN/0/0/0 Eurotherm Parker SSD 590P 35A 4Q 220V to 500V 3ph AC to DC Converter In stock
4 64990/2 Eurotherm Eurotherm TCS Power Supply In stock
5 5180V Eurotherm Eurotherm, Data Recorder, TFT, 3.5 in, 320 x 240 pixels, 85 to 265 mm In stock
6 TE200A 40A/400V/000/4MA20/FC/DIN/ENG/-/NO-FUSE/-/ Eurotherm In stock
7 TE200A 25A/400V/000/4MA20/FC/DIN/ENG/-/-//00 Eurotherm In stock
9 2216E/CC/VH/XX/XX/RF/2XX/ENG Eurotherm Temperature Controller/Programmer NIB with manual 4-20ma process output control suitable for burner control and steam heating aplications In stock
10 6100A Eurotherm Eurotherm, Data Recorder, Current/Millivolt/Resistance/Voltage, 10 V, 20 mA, IP66 In stock
11 PSS8807 Eurotherm Eurotherm 3 Phase High Voltage PCB Enquire
12 AH464162U002 Eurotherm Comms Card from Eurotherm Inverter Enquire
13 TE10S Eurotherm Eurotherm, Solid State Relay, 25 A, 480 V, Screw Mount Available
14 TE10P 400A/400V/AUTO/230V/4MA20/SPOT/PA/NRP/NR//-/-//-/-/FRA/-//00 Eurotherm Single phase true power controller Enquire
15 7300A 25A/400V/SELF Eurotherm Eurotherm, Power Controller, Thyristor, 400 V, Thyristor, IP20, DIN Rail Mount, 96 x 239 x 220 mm Available
16 2108I , TYPE J , 0-150 Eurotherm Available
17 690PB/0015/400/3/F/0011/UK/HTTL/0/0/0/0 Eurotherm Enquire
18 902S/IS/HDV////VH/XS///LFIT/HAC////XA///90/473/K/0 Eurotherm Enquire
19 5201 Eurotherm SSD 5201 37A DC Drive Enquire
20 020990 Eurotherm Eurotherm Temperature Controller Output Card Enquire
21 022076 Eurotherm Eurotherm 818 Temperature Controller Power Supply Enquire
22 043724 Eurotherm SSD Analogue Control PCB Enquire
23 103-001 Eurotherm Eurotherm Thyristor Controller Enquire
24 2408 Eurotherm Eurotherm, 2400 Series, Programmer Controller, PID, 24 V dc, 48 x 150 x 96 mm Available
25 456 117/28/43/ENG/073/002 Eurotherm Thyrisitor Control Unit Enquire

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