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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
R88A-CSK003S-E Omron Omron, Safety Cable For BMH Servo Motor, 3 m (L) In stock
C200H-ID212 Omron Omron, Input Module, C200H Series, With 24 V dc In stock
J77MN-02S Omron In stock
JZSP-CHM000-03-ME Omron In stock
750-504 Omron In stock
C200H-IM212 Omron Omron, Input Module, C200H Series, With 24 V ac/dc In stock
C500-ID218 Omron Omron, PLC Input Module, 24 V dc In stock
K8AB-PW1 Omron In stock
JZSP-CHM9-2 Omron In stock
G7S4A2BP7S14F Omron In stock
G3PA-210B-VD Omron Omron, Solid State Relay, 10 A, 24 to 240 V ac, DIN Rail Mount In stock
R7A-CPZ002S Omron In stock
PG-B2 Omron Omron, PGB2 Series, Speed Controller Card, 12 V, 200 mA, Metal Oxide, 0.99 x 0.51 x 0.23 mm In stock
SGDV-1R9D11A Omron Omron, Servo Drive, 400 V ac, 4.3 A, 110 x 255 x 160 mm In stock
CQM1-ID212 Omron Omron I/O Module 16 I/O DC Input In stock
JZSP-CSM9-2-E-G1 Omron In stock
E32-ED25X-1 6M Omron In stock
C200H-ID215 Omron Omron, Input Module, C200H Series, With 24 V dc In stock
G2R-1-S Omron Omron, General-Purpose Relay, 10 A, 30 Vdc (Resistive), 250 V ac (General), 0.53 W, Plug In, Plug In Mount, 1 Contact, 13 mm In stock
R7A-CNZ02A-ME Omron In stock
C200H-SP001 Omron Omron, Space Unit, for C200HW Series Controller In stock
R7A-CNZ02R-ME Omron In stock
C200H-OC225 Omron Omron, Relay Output Module, C200H Series, With 250 V ac;24 V dc In stock
CQM1-OC222 Omron Omron Output Module 16 O/P Contact In stock
E2EX7B4IL2 Omron In stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock

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