General Automation manufactured by Telemecanique

267 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 TSX-DET1604 Telemecanique Telemecanique, Input Module, 16 Input, 110 to 115 V ac In stock
2 TSX-RAM-32-16 Telemecanique Ram Cartridge 32k Words In stock
3 TSXAST-200 Telemecanique Telemecanique, Analogue Output Module, Analogue, 4 to 20 mA, ±10 V (Output) V dc In stock
4 TBX-DES-1622 Telemecanique Telemecanique, Analogue Input BaseFor Distributed Input/Output Module In stock
5 XBT-MEM-08  Telemecanique Telemecanique, XBT Series, Memory Card, PCMCIA, 8 MB In stock
6 TSXASR402 Telemecanique Telemecanique, Output Module In stock
7 TSXSCM-2214 Telemecanique Telemecanique, Interface Module, Screw, Screw Mount In stock
8 TBXDMS16C22 Telemecanique TBX I/O Module In stock
9 TSXBMP-010 Telemecanique SCHNEIDER PCM MODULE PC In stock
10 TSXETH107 Telemecanique Telemecanique, PLC CPU Module In stock
11 TSXASR401 Telemecanique Telemecanique, Output Module In stock
12 TBXLEP-030 Telemecanique Telemecanique, I/O Base Unit In stock
13 XBT-MEM16 Telemecanique Telemecanique, XBT Series, Memory Card, PCMCIA, 16 MB In stock
14 TSXBLK9 Telemecanique In stock
15 TSXLES-65 Telemecanique Telemecanique, Derivation Fip Junction In stock
16 TSX-AEM-821 Telemecanique Telemecanique, Analogue Input Module, TSX Series 7 In stock
17 ABE7-S16S2B0 Telemecanique Telemecanique, Advantys Telefast ABE7 Series, Solid State Output Relay, 24 V dc, BlockTerminal, 206 mm (W) In stock
18 TSXRKN8 Telemecanique Telemecanique, Slot Rack In stock
19 TBXCEP1622 Telemecanique TBX7 Compact Monoblock In stock
20 TSXRKN82F Telemecanique Telemecanique 10 Slot PLC Std Rack w/ Fan Unit In stock
21 TBXDMS-16P22 Telemecanique Telemecanique, Analogue I/O Module, Modicon Premium Series, 16 Analog Inputs, 8 Analog Outputs In stock
22 TSXRPM-64 16 Telemecanique MEMORY MODULE CARTRIDGE 64K In stock
23 TSXSUP-65 Telemecanique Telemecanique, Power Supply, TSX 7,110 to 220 V ac In stock
24 TSXDST-882 Telemecanique I/O OUTPUT 8 POINT 24VDC 2AMP PROT PL In stock
25 TSX-MC70-E324 Telemecanique Telemecanique, Memory Module Cartridge, EEPROM, 24 kB In stock

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