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General Automation manufactured by Indramat


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92 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
DSS02.1 Indramat Indramat Interface Module for PLC, Serial Interface, Screw Mount In stock
HSM01.1-FW Indramat Indramat, HSM Series, Modul Card In stock
ESM02.3-FW Indramat Indramat, Firmware Module In stock
BGR-NTB-02-00 Indramat Indramat, BGR Series, Power Supply Module In stock
TCM1.1-08-W0 Indramat Indramat, TCM, Capacitance Module for K39/93 PLC In stock
NFD02.1-480-075 Indramat INDRAMAT POWER LINE FILTER In stock
NFD02.1-480-030 Indramat INDRAMAT POWER LINE FILTER 30A 50/60HZ In stock
RMK12.2-IBS-BKL Indramat Indramat, Communication Module, 24 V dc, 41.3 mm (L) x 214 mm (H) In stock
TVM1.2-050-220/300-W0/220/380 Indramat Indramat, TVM1.2 Series, Power Supply Module In stock
DAE0.21M Indramat Indramat, Servo Drive In stock
HMS02.1N-W0028-A-07-NNNN Indramat Indramat, HMS Series, Single Axis Inverter, 28 A, 700 V dc In stock
CDR2 Indramat In stock
DEA04.1 Indramat Indramat, DIAX02 Series, I/O Interface Plug-In Module, Voltage, I/O Interface Module, 2.2 A, 80 mA, 32 V, Plug-In Mount In stock
DSS 2.1 M Indramat Interface Board SERCOS In stock
FWA-E-C-0DR3-SMT-02VRS-MS Indramat Indramat, Servo Drive In stock
TVM 2.2-050-220/300-W1/220/380V Indramat Indramat, 2 Series, Power Supply Module, 33 x 11 x 39 cm In stock
CSH01.1C-SE-ENS-NNN-NNN-L1-S-NN-FW Indramat IndraDrive control unit In stock
KDR1.1-100-220/300-W1 Indramat Indramat, AC Servo Power Supply In stock
HMV01.1E-W0075-A-07-NNNN Indramat Indramat Power Supply 400 to 480 V ac 340 W In stock
NFD02.2-480-016 Indramat Indramat, Power Line Filter, 480, 16 A, 50/60 Hz In stock
LE5-024 Indramat Indramat, Fan Unit, 24 V dc In stock
TVM2.2-050-220/300-W1 Indramat Indramat, Power Supply Module In stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock

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‘Excellent’ company


Shipment package received with extra safety

The shipment is good since it takes 2 weeks from Singapore to Penang. However, one should prepare themselves to receive the item since the courier service is provide by 3rd party.

3 days ago


Past experience with EU Automation…

We have a very good experience

4 days ago

William Ware


Team. This is where I give a spill on how great the company is and this and that and...yada yada yada. Truth is, the people. Patrick and Claudia are the epitome of professionalism, technology and pride. I have utilized the service and support of EU Automation for many years and will continue to do so into the future. Lets have a Great 2022 Bill Ware Sr. Controls Engieer Harbison Walker International

1 week ago

Michelle Liakouras

Communication was significant in…

Communication was significant in receiving our item on time and delivery was exceptionally fast.

2 weeks ago

Ramonito Jhon Pines Wong

The service was excellent as the…

The service was excellent as the delivery was quick and staff were patient with me for making delayed payments.

3 weeks ago

M Parekh

excellent authentic and reliable company

excellent authentic and reliable company

3 weeks ago

Alex Liebeskind

We couldn't be happier with our EU…

We couldn't be happier with our EU Automation experience. Matilda is a rock star and saved the day. We had a part fail on a critical machine and she was able to find the part and get it overnighted. This was an obscure part that NO ONE else had in stock and isn't even being made any more. I believe she deserves a medal for literally saving Christmas for our client. We will definitely use EU Automation again in the future if we have any needs. Thank you Matilda! Alex Liebeskind On Top of I.T. Owner

3 weeks ago

Sherry K.

For our first experience ordering from…

For our first experience ordering from EU Automation, we have nothing but positive results to say. The sales rep was great to work with and understood what I needed and when I needed it. He was very knowledgeable and we look forward to working with you in the future.

3 weeks ago

John Cox

Very fast response time.

Very fast response time.

4 weeks ago

Ricky Hudson

Could not ask to be any better great…

Could not ask to be any better great response and shipping was outstanding Hudson Marine Construction WILL be ordering more from y’all in the near future

1 month ago

Richard L. - American Biaxis I

As we all know the world wide supply of…

As we all know the world wide supply of almost all goods is suffering. When face with unacceptable long lead deliveries from our local Siemens distributer we turned to EU Automation. They were able to source a long list of Siemens components within a short period of time. An effort that we couldn't otherwise have performed ourselves without a significant effort in online sourcing. They did all this while saving us money in the process. Thank you for the support.

1 month ago

Zuzana Cunderlikova

thank you for excellent cooperation

thank you for excellent cooperation

1 month ago

Nicole Huang

Fast shipping

Fast shipping

1 month ago

Geoff Cowie

Great service

Great service in locating and providing a part urgently required due to lighting damage

1 month ago

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