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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
ZCKJ1D Schneider In stock
TSXFPACC2 Schneider Schneider, Sub-D Connector In stock
ASISSLC1 Schneider Schneider, AS-Interface Module, 24 V dc, 45 mA In stock
TSXDET1613 Schneider DET 1613 I_O INPUT ISOLATED 16 POINT In stock
TSXDST835 Schneider Schneider, TSX, Output Module, Screw Mount In stock
140XTS00200 Schneider Schneider, Terminal Block for 140ACI Modicon PLC In stock
LA1LC025 Schneider Schneider, LA1LC Series, Auxiliary Contact Block, 6 A, 600 V ac, Side Mount, Screw Clamp In stock
LTMR08MFM Schneider Schneider, Motor Controller, 100 to 240 V ac, 7.5 mA In stock
ABL8WPS24200 Schneider Schneider, Power Supply Module, Phaseo Series, 380 to 500 V ac, 24 V dc, 20 A In stock
170FNT11001 Schneider Schneider, Communication Adaptor, DC Input Module, In stock
XS1N18PC410 Schneider In stock
VW3A3202 Schneider Schneider, Expansion Module In stock
LC1D093BL Schneider Schneider, Contactor, 3 Pole, ≤690 V ac;≤300 V dc, 3NO In stock
CAD323BL Schneider In stock
ZB2-BZ101 Schneider Schneider, Control Button Body, XB4 Series, for Control Button In stock
140DDI35300 Schneider Modicon, Discrete Input Module, 32 inputs In stock
LX1FJ240 Schneider In stock
ASBDEP214 Schneider In stock
LB1LC03M22 Schneider Schneider, Protection Module, LB1LC, 18A Series, 2.4 to 4.8 A (Magnetic Trip), 690 V In stock
LB1LC03M53 Schneider Schneider, Thermal Magnetic Protection Module, LB1LC, 18A Series, 2.4 to 4.8 A (Magnetic Trip), 690 V In stock
ZBVB5 Schneider Schneider, Light Block Assembly, Orange, 24 V ac/dc, LED, Screw Clamp, 18 mA, Yes, IP20, Front Mount, 0.04 lb In stock
XZCC43FCP40B Schneider Schneider, OsiSense Series, Connector for OsiSense XS&XT In stock
XKBA1436444004 Schneider In stock
XX518A3PAM12 Schneider Schneider, Ultrasonic Sensor, 0.051 to 0.508 m, 40 mA, 12 to 24 V dc, 18 x 18 x 79 mm In stock
CA3KN40BD3 Schneider Schneider, CA3K Series, Control Relay, 4NO, DIN Rail Mount;Plate Mount, 3W, IP2X, 45 x 57 x 58 mm In stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock

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