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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
FGSE1500-21 Sick Sick, Beam Sensor Receiver, 24 V In stock
WT34-B410 Sick Sick, Proximity Sensor, W34 Series, 10 to 30 V dc, 100 mA27 x 70 x 92 mm In stock
LCUX1-400 Sick SICK AG LCUX1-400 Safety Interface Module In stock
UE48-20S2D2 Sick Sick, UE48 Series, Safety Relay, 24 V ac/dc, 2NO In stock
PLS 101-312 Sick Sick, Proximity Laser Scanner, PLS101 Series, 50 m, 180°, 40 ms In stock
LGTN101-511 Sick Sick, Light Curtain Control Unit, for Safety Controllers, 24 V dc In stock
S30A-7011BA Sick Sick, Safety Laser Scanner, S30A Series, 49 m, 190°, 60 ms In stock
FGS-S-1350-21 Sick In stock
WL12G-3B2531 Sick Sick, WL12G Series, Photoelectric Retro-Reflective Sensor, Rectangular, PNP & NPN Output Type, LED In stock
WL27 2R630 Sick Sick Photoelectric Sensor In stock
WL36-R230 Sick Sick, WL36-R Series, Photoelectric Retro-Reflective Sensor, Block, 0.1 to 22 m, PG11 Terminal, 24 to 240 V dc, 36 x 72 x 85 mm In stock
FGSS600-21 Sick Sick Light Curtain, 8 W In stock
OTD2-1312 Sick Sick, OTD2 Series, Optotrap Scanner In stock
S30A-6111CL Sick Sick, S30A Series, Safety Laser Scanner, 24 V dc, -10 to +50 °C, 160 x155 x185 mm In stock
4008809 Sick Light Guard Control Card Enquire
AGSS 750-1111/AGSE 750-1211 Sick Light Guards Enquire
AWS1-131 Sick Sick, Relay Switching Module 24 V dc, 15 mm Enquire
C2000 EXTENDED VERSION Sick Light Guards Enquire
C20E-075302A11 Sick Sick Light Guard Emitter Enquire
C20E-135303A12 Sick light curtain safety class 2 Enquire
C20S-075102A11 Sick Sick Light Guard Receiver Enquire
C20S-135103A12 Sick light curtain safety class 2 Enquire
C4000/1 Sick Sick Light Guard Receiver Enquire
C40E-0603CA010, C40S-0603CA010 Sick Sick Light Gaurds Emitter & Receiver Enquire
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock

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