XUS range of Schneider Safety Automation

398 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 XU2S18PP340D Schneider Schneider, Preventa Safety detection Series, Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensor, M12 4-Pin Male Connector In stock
2 SISCD104200 Schneider Protect Area Design software, to aid design and production of parts lists for safety mats and light curtain applications Enquire
3 XPSLCD1141 Schneider Safety module for up to 4 light curtains Enquire
4 XPSLCM1 Schneider XUSLD Muting sensors wiring box (22.5mm DIN rail mount) Enquire
5 XSZBCR05 Schneider XUSLB & D 5m receiver cable Available
6 XSZBCR10 Schneider XUSLB & D 10m receiver cable Enquire
7 XSZBCR15 Schneider XUSLB & D 15m receiver cable Enquire
8 XSZBCR30 Schneider XUSLB & D 30m receiver cable Enquire
9 XSZBCT05 Schneider XUSLB & D 5m transmitter cable Available
10 XSZBCT10 Schneider XUSLB & D 10m transmitter cable Enquire
11 XSZBCT15 Schneider XUSLB & D 15m transmitter cable Enquire
12 XSZBCT30 Schneider XUSLB & D 30m transmitter cable Enquire
13 XSZDCR003 Schneider XUSLDS jumperer 0.3m receiver cabl Enquire
14 XSZDCR005 Schneider XUSLDS jumperer 0.5m receiver cabl Enquire
15 XSZDCR010 Schneider XUSLDS jumperer 1m receiver cable Enquire
16 XSZDCR020 Schneider XUSLDS jumperer 2m receiver cable Enquire
17 XSZDCR030 Schneider XUSLDS jumperer 3m receiver cable Enquire
18 XSZDCR050 Schneider XUSLDS jumperer 5m receiver cable Enquire
19 XSZDCR100 Schneider XUSLDS jumperer 10m receiver cable Enquire
20 XSZDCRM10 Schneider Muting cable 10m for XPSLCM1 Enquire
21 XSZDCRM15 Schneider Muting cable 15m for XPSLCM1 Enquire
22 XSZDCRM30 Schneider Muting cable 30m for XPSLCM1 Enquire
23 XSZDCT003 Schneider XUSLDS jumper 0.3m transmitter CABL Enquire
24 XSZDCT005 Schneider XUSLDS jumper 0.5m transmitter CABL Enquire
25 XSZDCT010 Schneider XUSLDS jumperer 1m transmitter CABL Enquire

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