Advantys STB IP20 range of Schneider General Automation

115 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 STBXBA1000 Schneider I/O Base Type 1, 13.9mm In stock
2 STBAVI1270K Schneider 2 AI, Analog V (11-bit + sign, single ended, -/+10 V) includes In stock
3 STBXTS1100 Schneider Screw Conn kit, 6pt 24VDC and Analogue I/O, Qty20 In stock
4 STBXBA3000 Schneider Schneider, Modicon STB Distributed I/O Solution Series, Mounting Base, For STBDDI3725, 28.1 mm (W) In stock
5 STBXBA2200 Schneider Schneider, Distributed I/O Solution for Power Distribution Module, 5.5 x 1 in In stock
6 STBXBA2000 Schneider I/O Base Type 2, 18.4mm In stock
7 STBXTS2120 Schneider Schneider, Modicon STB Removable Connector for Network Interface Module In stock
8 STBDDI3725KC Schneider Schneider, Digital Input Kit, 16 Input, 4.5 mA, 24 V dc In stock
9 STBNCO2212 Schneider Schneider, Interface Module, 24 V dc, ≥700 mA, 1 Mbit/s @ 30 m/10 kbit/s @ 5000 m, 9-Way Male SUB-D Connector, 40 x 70 x 128.3 mm In stock
10 STBNIP2212 Schneider Schneider, Network Interface Module 24 V dc, 700 mA, 0.13 kg In stock
11 STBNDP2212 Schneider Schneider, Interface Module, 24 V dc, ≥700 mA, 9.6 kbit/s to 12 Mbit/s, RS232/RS485, DIN Rail Mount, 40 x 70 x 128.3 mm In stock
12 STBXTS2130 Schneider Spring Conn kit, 2pt PDM, Qty10 In stock
13 STBCPS2111K Schneider Schneider, Power Supply Kit For Logic I/O Module, 19.2 to 30 V, 1.2 A, 18.4 x 95 x 125 mm In stock
14 STBDDO3705KS Schneider Schneider, Basic Digital Output Kit, 135 mA, 24 V dc, 28.1 x 128.3 x 70 mm In stock
15 STBNMP2212 Schneider NIM, Modbus Plus, Standard In stock
16 STBXBE2100K Schneider CANOpen Extension Module In stock
17 STBACI1400K Schneider Schneider, Standard Analogue Input Kit, 25 mA, 50 V dc, 18.4 x 128.3 x 70 mm In stock
18 STBACO0220K Schneider 2 AO, Analog C, 15bit+sign, 4-20mA, Standard In stock
19 STBDDI3420K Schneider 4 DI, 24VDC, sink 3wire, 0.5ms cfg, Short Circuit Protected, Standard In stock
20 STBDDO3410K Schneider Schneider, Modicon STB Series, Standard Digital Output Kit, 4 Output, 870 µs, 128.3 x 95 x 13.9 mm In stock
21 STBNIC2212 Schneider Schneider, Interface Module, 19.2 to 30 V, ≥700 mA, 128.3 x 70 x 40 mm In stock
22 STBPDT3100K Schneider Schneider, Standard Power Distribution Kit, 24 V In stock
23 STBXBA2300 Schneider BOS Extension Base, 18.4mm In stock
24 STBXBA2400 Schneider EOS Extension Base, 18.4mm In stock
25 STBXCA1001 Schneider Bus Extension Cable, 0.3m In stock

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