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When there was a problem

When there was a problem, the quick response of the person in charge Jeon Hye-mi was good.

11개월 전

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납기 대응 및 견적 대응이 신속해서 좋습니다.

납기 대응 및 견적 대응이 신속해서 좋습니다.

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2년 전

Yu Heng

Miss Chloe Goh was very helpfulS

Miss Chloe Goh was very helpful the entire process. The item which I was looking for was actually obsolete but she and the team managed to find the last pieces of them, get it shipped safely. The payment process was also very flexible and agile.

5시간 전

Tony Ostiguy

Good pricing on product and fast…

Good pricing on product and fast shipping

5일 전

Bobby White

Matilda is amazing

Matilda is amazing, and they truly beat any prices of any vendor I have used. Shipping is fast, product is quality. Best Vendor to deal with overall!

1주 전


Awesome experience

very efficient and helpful service. needed the part urgently and it was delivered within the time frame.

1주 전

Jorge Rodriguez

They answer very fast and the follow up…

They answer very fast and the follow up is awesome

1주 전


Maria C

Maria C. Our account manager is great to work with. Within our organization, several of us are in contact with her. Each of us feel the same. She always responds promptly with information and or pricing. If she doesn't know the answer to something, she will find it! We all appreciate the care and dedication given to our account. Thanks so much for all you do Maria!!!

1주 전


Oscar and Bianca gives excellent…

Oscar and Bianca gives excellent service very professional.

1주 전

Panel Shop Assistant

Denis Pavel responds in a timely manner…

Denis Pavel responds in a timely manner and provides great customer service.

2주 전


Andrew Leslie was very helpful in…

Andrew Leslie was very helpful in ordering the product. I would wish to have all vendors like him.

2주 전

Chet M

EU Automation was very easy to get a…

EU Automation was very easy to get a hold of and had excellent communication. They had the special parts we were looking for and offered a few options at a great price. They shipped the parts very promptly and sent tracking so we had absolute confidence where and when we would be receiving the parts. The parts were packaged very well and worked as described. All in all, very satisfied with AU Automation.

2주 전

Factory worker carrying automation parts box.

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