Our staff

Daniel Tillsley

After Sales

"You are confined only by the walls you build yourself"

So Dan. Your nickname around the office is boyband! Can you elaborate?

I would like to say it was because of my striking good looks and salon quality hair………But unfortunately it is because I used to be in a band with 4 of my friends. A guitar band I might add. However as the story has grown older as it has passed around the office, the guitars dissolved and all of a sudden I was in my own 90’s style boyband! (I try to pretend I wouldn’t have loved that!)

What do you enjoy most about working at EU Automation?

The vibrant atmosphere in the office, everyone is made to feel like they are part of a very sociable family!

Tell us a little about yourself

Born and bred in and around the south of Birmingham, I tried and failed to become a Rock Star before tuning my talents into the world of sales and customer service. My favourite colour is red, I support Liverpool FC, my favourite movie is Shutter Island and my favourite song is: There must be more to life than this. (Freddie Mercury)

Why should someone come and join the team?

We are on in our infancy as a company so the opportunity to grow your own career within a company that is already establishing itself as an industry leader is immense. You will certainly make some great friends along the way too!

Dan joined EU Automation in April 2012 after spotting one of our vacancies on Twitter.