Our staff


We are an awesome, happy, different, relentless, and humble group of people. We work hard and love what we do. It is hard work that has meant that we have grown from strength to strength. We are looking for new members of staff with the same core values to help us grow further.

At EU Automation you will find a great mix of characters and personalities. These characters provide a great environment to work, relax and have fun.


The sales team is responsible for selling refurbished and new parts to our huge global customer base. A customer base that covers a wide range of industries all with thier own specific needs.

It is down to members of our sales team to source and deliver parts depending on the customers needs whether that's a fast lead time or offering a service exchange. Our sales department has a vast supply network at their fingertips as well as knowledge on where parts can be found no matter how unusual the customers request.

Our sales department has it's own unique atmosphere encouraging all it's members to work hard and share knowledge, helping us to deliver more to our customers.

After Sales & Logistics

We take after sales as seriously as sales here at EU Automation. It is our after sales department that ensure our customer's experience is a good one.

You can see from our Trust Pilot reviews what a fantastic job our after sales department are doing. it really is a case of no job is too big, no job is too small.

We aim to keep our customers informed through every step of the journey, from providing tracking to making sure our customers are happy. We are always there for our customers and our after sales team is another way we strive to deliver more.

What can we say about our logistics department, apart from they are extremely hard working and that they make everything we do at EU Automation happen. You might think it's simply a case of A to B but we can assure you it's far more complicated than that.

Finance, development, marketing

Our finance, development and marketing departments keep EU Automation being able to offer our customers a level of service that is second to none.
Finance understand that credit is a necessary part of business and offer credit agreements on request, subject to status, as well as providing our customers with numerous ways of payment and all the correct paperwork.

Development is responsible for this site as well as systems that enable sales and after sales to offer a great level of service. Our development team is always looking into ways to make us faster and more responsive no matter where in the world our customers are.

Our marketing department not only gives our customers weekly articles of thought leading content, it also is responsible for all the guides and reports that appear on our Automated platform. As well as online content, the marketing also produces a printed magazine that's available to read every quater.