General Automation manufactured by Modicon

23 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 AS-MBKT-085 Modicon Modicon, MODBUS Plus Connector For Modicon™ Momentum™ PLC, MB+ Line Connector Kit In stock
2 AS-BADU-206 Modicon Modicon, AEG Series, Analogue Input Module In stock
3 DEA106 Modicon Modicon, Receiver Module In stock
4 ASBDAP216N Modicon Modicon, AEG Series, I/O Module, 16 Output, 230 V ac In stock
5 PC-A984-145 Modicon Allen Bradley, CPU Module, 8K Steps In stock
6 AS-BDEP-216 Modicon Modicon, AEG Series, Discrete Input Module, 16 Input, 24 V dc In stock
7 140-CPS-114-10 Modicon Modicon, 140 Series, Power Supply Module, 115 V ac, 230 V ac In stock
8 DAU202 Modicon Modicon, Input Module, 2 Output, 10 to 20 mA In stock
9 ADU115 Modicon Modicon, AEG Logistat Series, Analogue Input Module In stock
10 140CPU43412 Modicon Modicon, CPU Module, 896 kB, RS232 In stock
11 990NAD21110 Modicon Modicon, Plus Drop Cable For Advantys STB Distributed I/O Solutions, 2.4 m (L) In stock
12 990NAD23000 Modicon Modicon, 990NAD Series for Modbus Plus Network In stock
13 BIK116 Modicon Modicon, Master Controller, 1.107 kg In stock
14 DNP116 Modicon Modicon, Power Supply Module, DIN Rail Mount In stock
15 416NHM21234 Modicon Modicon, Modicon Momentum Series, MODBUS Plug, PCMCIA In stock
16 AS-BADU-205 Modicon Modicon, Output Module In stock
17 AS-MBKT-185 Modicon Modicon, Plus Line Terminator In stock
18 PC0984-351 Modicon Programmable Controller Module Assembly Enquire
19 AS-2802-000 Modicon Industrial Control System Enquire
20 DAO-216 Modicon Modicon, Discrete Output Module, 16 Output, 24 V dc Enquire
21 DAU 108 Modicon Modicon, DAU Series, Analog Module Enquire
22 990NAD21130 Modicon Modicon, Modicon Series, MODBUS Plus Drop Cable For 140CPU31110, 6 m Available
23 DNP 025 Modicon AEG A500 MODICON POWER SUPPLY Enquire

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