General Automation manufactured by Klockner-Moeller

44 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 EBE201 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller 16 Channel Input Module In stock
2 LE4-116-XD1 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller Expansion Module, 24 V dc, 0.5 mA, Digital I/O, 80.5 x 86 x 87.5 mm In stock
3 EBE211 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, Timer Module In stock
4 EE1-PS3 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, Memory Module, EEPROM In stock
5 LE4-116-DD1 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller Expansion Module, 24 V dc, 0.5 A, Digital I/O, 80.5 x 86 x 87.5 mm In stock
6 EBE 236 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, EBE Series, Memory Card For PS24 Modular PLC Controller, RAM, 4 kB In stock
7 EM4-101-AA1 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, Analogue I/O Module, 8, 4, Analogue In stock
8 EBE220A Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, CPU Module, 220 A In stock
9 EBE 240.1-2 Klockner-Moeller EBE 240.1-2 Power Supply In stock
10 EBE295.1 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, Interface Module Serial Bus In stock
11 EBE240 A-1 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, Power Module In stock
12 EM4-201-DX1 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, Expansion Module, Input Expansion Module, 24 V dc, 0.8 A In stock
13 EBE 242 A Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, Battery Module, Battery In stock
14 EBE 240.1-1 Klockner-Moeller Power Supply Module In stock
15 PS416-POW-410 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, PS416, Power Supply Module, 115 to 230 V ac, 10 A, 70 W In stock
16 PS4-101-DD1 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, Compact Programmable Logic Controller, 24 V dc, 1 kB In stock
17 EBE221 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, CPU Module for PS22 System In stock
18 EBE223.2 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, Processor Module In stock
19 EB390.1 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, Power Supply Module In stock
20 M-EBE 223.1 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, Memory Module, EEPROM, 19 X 4 X 13mm In stock
21 UM1.5-1 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, Programing Cable In stock
22 EBE241.1-2 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, Power Supply Module, 7 x 13 cm In stock
23 PS3-DC-EE-3 Klockner-Moeller In stock
24 PS416-BGT-421 Klockner-Moeller Available
25 EM4-202-DX1 Klockner-Moeller Klockner-Moeller, Remote Expansion Module, 86 x 134.5 x 87.5 mm Enquire

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