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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
X 20 CP 0291 B & R In stock
8B0C0160HW00.001-1 B & R B & R, Auxiliary Supply Module, 30 V dc, 24 V dc, 16 A, 400 W, 3.2 kg In stock
8BAC0122.000-1 B & R In stock
8MSA3L.E1-I6 B & R In stock
3DO480.6 B & R B & R, Digital Output Module, 16 Output, 2 A, 24 V dc In stock
4D1165.00-490 B & R B & R, PANELWARE Series, HMI Operator Panel, 24 V dc, LCD, 128 x 240 pixels, 350 x 38.6 x 220 mm In stock
3DI486.6 B & R B & R, Digital Input Module, Digital, 24 V dc In stock
3AI350.6 B & R B & R, Analogue Input Module, 24 V dc In stock
X20CP1484 B & R B & R CPU Module, 24 Vdc In stock
8AC110.60-1 B & R B & R, Plug In Module ACOPOS Servo Drives, 30 V dc, 10 mA, 0.05 kg In stock
7AT324.70 B & R In stock
3IF661.9 B & R B & R, Communication Module, Interface Communication Module, 24 V dc, RS485 In stock
7BP703.0 B & R B & R, Module Rack for PLC Modules In stock
X20 BT 9100 B & R B & R, Bus Transmitter Module, 24 V dc In stock
DIL R 22-G B & R In stock
3PS792.9 B & R In stock
ECNP02-0 B & R In stock
BLZF B & R In stock
8AC122.60-3 B & R In stock
X20BM33 B & R In stock
8MSA4M.E1-D2 B & R In stock
7A035270 B & R In stock
5AP9201505K44 B & R In stock
X67CA0P400020 B & R In stock
3CP260.60-1 B & R B & R, 5 to 24 V dc, PCMCIA (Memory Card), RS232 In stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
Part number Manufacturer Description Stock

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